A5, many people think that in the above signature card is very good, was included, outside the chain to buy can be increased significantly, but the price has not thought about a problem, when you check your chain in the webmaster tools in increasing every day, you will be surprised to find the chain you have several thousand are from A5, 28 push this forum, aren’t you afraid? The search engine is not a fool, always check out the algorithm, there is always change, so even if you are in the forum signature brush to get the chain link, or increase the keywords ranking, best not only in the designated as post several forum area closer, it is best to separate the chain to their own good, to the table column forum and blog. Don’t just go to a single forum and blog.

of course, the above said so much, think carefully, so the chain is not too tired? We have no more, with the power of others to refine your chain? Of course.

outside the chain does not want to see you this machine of things, more and more people of Shanghai dragon do now, but fewer people to pay attention to the consequences of an enterprise with general thoughts and hopes to recruit a Shanghai dragon, but many people think he is very hard in doing but there is no objective or purpose is not clear the hair of the chain that is a danger to the enterprise K station! Why do you say that? I’ll excuse it: a lot of people outside the chain is copying others article with the chain, first sent to my website, and then sent to the other station, in fact every day adhere to the hair, but do, for a long time, will be retrieved from the micro plagiarism. Many people love to water forum posts, of course, the use of good, the effect is very good, especially the high weight Forum blog with signature of the station, but we each go to the forum for people to have a very bad habit, it is only in so few designated website forum posting closer and never never change.

went to a lot of forum today, first went to the Admin5 Admin5 is the one I love to go to the site, and then go to the tui28 push, push the forum to find more and more popular stationmaster interactive forum on fire, but a closer look, found that more and more people flooding posts, really have a few good the article has been scanty, far lost its kind in order to improve the technology and communication traces.

is now recruiting Shanghai dragon is to send the chain and do this occupation, of course we are saying the chain can increase the good ranking, this is true, the appropriate hair outside the chain, the search engine algorithm now is still a little efficiency, but I found a strange the phenomenon is, you hair soft posts are copied to the quality through the pseudo original plus its own web site, the authoritative words others into their own company name or related websites, which I really do not agree, since it is well reproduced in respect of the success of others, I also have a bottom the original link or stated that, in a world of original author.

In fact,

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