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in order to protect customers’ privacy, we can not accurately broke the customer specific website address, but every case of customer, are real

below: seriously implement the diagnosis of

diagnosis: the win7 win8 system to download station, 6 months of the new construction site, no top keywords ranking, unweighted, Shanghai dragon diagnostic report submission time: January 1, 2014. Diagnosis and implementing, the site traffic increased 40 times, from 1 to 6

web site and historical data to break through the bottleneck of the screenshot:


A5 and marketing share of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis case is a win7 win8 system to download the company download stations, the company operating the new site construction site is about 6 months, the site is composed of team operation, the whole website is not what big problems in the operation, but the only problem is is the site in Shanghai search engine optimization is not so smooth, the website will run for 6 months, the contents of all the original, the chain is all high quality natural chain, but is not up to enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, relatively poor, the whole site almost no growth traces, which makes the company the operation team in website development this cudgel thinking, what should we do? It is better to give up. Finally, they thought of A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, then try holding the attitude to the A5 station network consulting Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (贵族宝贝admin5.cn/zt/zhenduan/) when A5 marketing services, understand the situation of the site, by the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis Engineer He Guijiang gave a 30 page proposal in diagnosis, seriously implementation of their team, the website weight rose from 1 6, traffic increased 40 times, which makes the operation team suddenly saw new hope. Now, website traffic rising, while profits are rising! [Shanghai] 100% dragon diagnosis and consultant, improve the weight, we speak with the facts! Invalid full refund! Spend 5000, let you earn 50000 yuan.

the website data figure no before diagnosis, the weight and flow rate are very low. >

effect after the proposal

system, software download station, these types of competition are very large, especially the website time is long very popular in profit, but for the new site is not so special is the website optimization Everything is going smoothly., there will be a variety of problems or obstacles, such as: the content included slow, included into the sandbox no, the forefront of keywords ranking, weight is difficult to rise, too few words. So, the optimization if you encounter these problems will bring great suffering to the webmaster. To solve the problem to enough owners will try to, and to adhere to the force of the webmaster may be ignored or not directly related to the



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