(1) "mirror sites" PK "hybrid"

some time ago to see an article "website construction" from the market point of view, I feel good writing, because the author is Shanghai dragon, so I from Shanghai dragon angle to talk about my views on the construction site. The site is built on the ability, but depends on the attitude of Shanghai dragon the quality of the website, is the designer’s ability, and before and after the Shanghai dragon is ranked in intentions of the optimization of the staff, and I’m here to explore how the Shanghai dragon thought into the construction site.

sometimes, when some of the construction company in the design of the site, in order to catch the completion time, put some JS and CSS styles are on the home page, make website open light load JS is long time, so the website code reduction is a key to increase the spider experience factors, not just the pursuit of production speed, while ignoring the access speed.

from the perspective of Shanghai Longfeng construction site two: site planning

love Shanghai

in the enterprise website construction service to customers tend to emphasize to optimize the structure of the site, so actually to the client, the user experience is a confused concept, the survey found that 80% companies will think it is beautiful and cultural atmosphere of the page, in fact is not only the customers do not understand, some companies to do the ready to accept either course.

(3) the pursuit of production speed, ignoring the access speed of

The establishment of the company to

this problem, many stations are almost ubiquitous, even if some sites are used in CMS, but the column page keywords and description tags are empty, although now love Shanghai to keyword weight is not high, but the description tag is very important. Set different labels can tell what is the general content of love Shanghai spiders a column, because a lot of work so you can save spider.

A lot of

on Shanghai Longfeng website building: the user experience is mistaken for beautiful page


(2) column and use the same title page, the same words, the same description

, the purpose of the site, this is.

From the angle of When the

station company in order to cater to the needs of customers, but also to save time to copy someone else’s site, sometimes even the structure, style, pictures are not modified, so that love is abnormal in Shanghai included, so that the site was K, in fact, there is a certain skill, I have imitation station, and the station is not a simple imitation of 100% copies, but from each director, each website highlights the bright spot in the application in the new website, is a "hybrid", we know that sometimes love is still pretty love Shanghai "mixed blood".

site structure, increase a lot of work

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