redirect permanent /old.html 贵族宝贝 can modify this sentence.

Figure two

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝$1 [R=301, L]

Figure three

3:Apache server

open IIS, found to redirect website or web page, right click to view the properties if the site is selected the main directory tab page is the file tab. As shown below:




redirect to URL, the input should be redirected to the URL application and check the selected resource after permanent redirect. As shown below:

The realization of the 301 redirect The realization of the 301 redirect

what is the 301 redirect? 301 redirect refers to various network requests to other new permanent re directional position. For example, the metinfo贵族宝贝 permanent redirect to www.metinfo贵族宝贝. 301 redirect can be turn to one page, can also be in the form of steering station. 301 redirect is so far the only search engine to any legal, so the domain name to be careful. Today we take a look at the six methods commonly used to redirect website 301.

in Apache, there is a very important document of.Htaccess, through its settings, can realize many functions, is one of the 301 redirect. Find the redirect permanent / 贵族宝贝

Figure four

using "mod_rewrite" technology, such as:

in the.Htaccess file to redirect instruction 2.IIS server

4: increased 301


login virtual hosting control panel, set up a 301 redirect page and find, follow the prompts to add the source domain and the target domain name after wait for a period of time, the 301 redirect will take effect.

RewriteEngine on


1. virtual host support control panel to achieve 301 redirect


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