happy network is undoubtedly the most eye-catching SNS site 08 years, with its grab parking spaces, the sale of slaves and other games, will be bound to the many white-collar workers in the above.

however, the domain name is not happy with kaixin.com, but kaixin001.com. This does not matter, however, recently, the happy network of the school network (Thousand Oaks group) acquired the kaixin.com domain name. And imitate the structure of happy network, the kaixin.com points to the online school. Kaixin.com name is happy network, named, page style and so on are very similar to the happy network (kaixin001.com), the industry dubbed the clone version, cottage version of happy network.

according to the analysis, the happy network currently has a very high brand awareness, the campus network by the domain name kaixin.com SEO, in expanding its brand influence at the same time, to happy net will also have a great blow. Happy network has been hailed as a myth of China’s Internet industry in 2008, but did not expect the same crisis soon. Due to the social network technology is relatively low threshold, easy to be imitated, so web marketing is very important, but also see a website to promote people to benefit more, the website owner and employee heart what it is as can be imagined.

Facebook from abroad was born, to the rapid rise of the domestic happy net, the Internet every day in the interpretation of the legendary success. But in the online brand protection, domestic sites compared to the foreign countries is inferior by comparison. The domain name protection action Google, YAHOO Facebook and other foreign websites in the world of the costly reports It is often seen. and many domestic famous website; website promotion and marketing spend huge cost, but only because the relevant domain name let competitors get a better, almost not spend a penny of publicity can easily win. As early as Soufangwang soufun.com known, hundreds of millions of investment to build the famous "SouFun" brand, but also make another soufang.com almost without any advertising also become the domestic well-known real estate website.

look at the Mobile Corporation, made in the domain name protection on the more too horrible to look at. Short, customer service hotline, and so on, such as cmcc.com, 10086.com, 12580.com, 12593.com (and even a full range of domain names) are registered outside. Fetion official website is www.fetion.com.cn, but the fetion.com is registered for an unknown, let the user into foggy. But more unused Fetion users just heard when first thought to Fetion feixin.com, are ready to sell to buy.

, by contrast, China Unicom has realized the importance of short domain name, recently spent heavily to buy 10010.com as its >

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