long tail words, we should be more clear! Do not flow, but the precision is very high! If this word has many optimization ranking, traffic may in general, but the effect is absolutely good! A lot of bidding also turned to the word, the transformation is better! Since the long tail word is very important for the bidding and optimization, how to choose suitable keywords, how to extend the "most effective" keywords trick:




confirmed the title. The first is to appear in the pages of some keywords in the description tag, followed by the need for repeated the key contents of the current page, and bold in the first time.

do the long tail word note:

5 noble baby keyword tool. The AdWords keyword is best to use baby aristocracy, analysis support Chinese keyword analysis results, including "estimating the average cost per click", "local search", "search volume trends" and other data. I believe this tool can solve the doubts of bidding commissioners.


great, in addition to some peer brush out the word, this word is not necessary to do.




3 website links will use tools. Many people may think to check a website chain will use tools is meaningless for us to do the bidding, in fact is not the case, but one function is to check the competitors do word direction. I believe that many auction specialist are like small A, love to look at what word counterparts, and to do so, this tool can quickly solve your problem.

long tail keywords location. What do the long tail keywords > put in our website



4 Platform know love Shanghai. Many of my friends know Shanghai know love platform, sometimes our bidding show will appear in this platform, we found that in addition to this problem, also need to pay attention to

1 love Shanghai background keywords recommended tools. Experts believe that every bidding operation over love Shanghai background, which has a key recommendation tool, can search some key words, is the most commonly used keyword recommended tools.

2 love Shanghai Related words and words drop-down prompt box love Shanghai. A lot of bidding specialist asked, why should Shanghai have sex related words and love Shanghai prompt box drop-down word? What is the meaning? In fact, love Shanghai love Shanghai Related words and words are the drop-down prompt box search volume


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