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Links, Links is very important to vote than blog a little formal, we should try to find and their site theme related websites when doing Links, such as the station is the construction site of the theme, it should also find on the website construction site to do Links. Keywords Links should not always the same (i.e. website anchor links are the same, do not want to pay attention to the diversification of the website) anchor link. It is bad for the ranking. When looking for other sites, do not look for outbound links too many sites, because too much weight will reduce the export link (see how to export link? Link: home on the line). If the PR1 website has 40 links, 2 links may not PR0 export. In general, less than 30 Links website link exchange is very good. We should pay attention to other sites have not been punished when doing Links, at least at link time exchange have not been punished, is site: home page is not ranked first, if it is, you can do.

friends can find resources

website Links swap

in the forum.


resourcesWhat is the name of a

resource? Resources is that we can find friends to help us Links? If a new online will find 4 PR4 website links, then the new PR will quickly. If you do not have the resources had to pay more attention to the blog marketing.

external links are indispensable in website optimization. Although the website optimization is the content, good original site rankings have certain advantages, but the chain site is also very important. The chain is an important factor in Google PR, because the PR is on the ballot, so how to get the vote? Had to rely on the chain. The chain method has a lot of time on the site, but just do a good job, we do the chain is very difficult. Because you may not have the resources, nor PR, it is difficult to do, the first site is difficult to do, but will get better. Then the site outside the chain the best way to do it

at the beginning of the new station will not have many resources, so we should look for a quick search engine can be noticed, then the first consideration is the blog, because Google search engine on the blog included is very fast, a few minutes may have a reaction, so the importance of blog marketing it is needless to say, we can appropriate in the keyword of the website on the link with their own time to write the blog content, such as in the "Web" on the website home page links. It can be directly on the blog. Article 3 links, too much. General to write about 10 blog, of course, not every blog so much of them, mainly to write one to two blog OK. The blog is one of the important ways to do outside the chain of.

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