to update daily original content, which can not only enrich the website information, but also can make the search engine feel your website in the continuous improvement, every day to your site will have a rich and delicious food can taste. For writing the weak grass-roots webmaster, every day a original article is enough, the rest can be used to increase the pseudo original site information.

keyword ranking up, as long as continue to insist on doing the usual work, do not make big mistakes, stable rankings is not a big problem. Please note: 贵族宝贝

, a space stable and safe

four, do website daily inspection work

has a stable and safe space are basic conditions for stable site keywords, if the space is not stable, often unable to access the website, then the keyword ranking will fall in a straight line; in addition, if the space safety is not high, the website often being attacked or has been linked to the black links, so that the search engine spiders unable to view your entire site, ranking will fall in a straight line.

keyword ranking up, the chain to regular quantitative, not because the ranking is up, the chain suddenly more and less, and the chain but also rich and varied. As far as possible to find some weight higher Links, because Links is generally more stable, webmasters will not easily, unless your site is down right. In addition, can go to the forum, blog, some outside the chain, the soft chain I suggest that we do not use, because the soft link is not stable, sometimes more and sometimes less, it may be because the chain is not smooth to search engine drop right.

is the so-called daily inspection work, check the Links site is normal, whether the right down or remove our site links; do website internal inspection work site, don’t appear dead links, especially the website home page. In addition, I suggest you check every website source code, if there is a black links check the website code, because before my web site is being hung up the black links, so that the website keyword ranking fell.

Every day must continue to release the chain after the After the

three, stable rich external links

two, do the site content updates

as the saying goes, Dajiangshan difficult to keep the country more difficult, the website keywords ranking up, how can you keep it stable? This is the number of optimization of the staff is very concerned about the issue of stable keyword ranking can bring traffic to the site, and the site can better profit flow. In order to let the grassroots webmaster keep it, I combined with some knowledge of their own to do the optimization, we say if stable website keyword ranking.

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