analysis in this view, get some experience: love Shanghai no matter how adjustment algorithms are aimed at customer experience to do so! Station optimization should better customer experience products based on the station, articles should be straightforward description of the product, can help users to understand. According to the characteristics of their products to write, rather than blindly collected articles. And write original articles with keywords appropriate bold, plus the corresponding anchor link, and help customers better understand the eye-catching information, but also don’t add proper. The station that do the station based on the customer experience is king.

so at this point, Shanghai to love those who have good web site weight for Internet users is enhanced. We should consider is that we are not to do again in the station, but based on the customers in the station. This will avoid conflict with the idea of love Shanghai caused by K or later after standing down the right said his station how. What was it all night.


recently announced for the love Shanghai update algorithm, super chain cheating station on the line K station or drop right punishment. Because this measure leads to many Webmaster Station there are different degrees of loss. There are also many webmaster said his station was killed. Many people think so. I think we should find the reasons from their own site, rather than be killed. There are many think is their own related products brought love Shanghai. I provide a copy of the data, can see:

(Leihen original, reproduced please specify www.tuidc贵族宝贝

weight is not love Shanghai related fatigue were promoted, but most sites relative to love Shanghai products, low authority. Since the green network environment (integrity, health, safety and security of Internet users based on the environment), love Shanghai to close it actively. Because of the love of Shanghai optimization guide everywhere obvious hints and launched a website is better customer experience and understanding of products based on search engine. And love Shanghai more and more to the standard on the website of the website for customer experience and close, more and more close to the green network environment. I love Shanghai to many of its own products referred to the home page. Compared to that Shanghai is better for users.

is based on my stand point of view, may not be correct. Just want to let everyone see share. A lot of discussion.

These data suggest that )

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