1, posting the selection of some high popularity, the large amount of the reproduced high weight forum. You can use this command to "inurl:" look in the fall in love with the sea (such as: inurl:bbs clothing, this is the high weight forum, a type of clothing)

, the first post on the forum, you bring your own signature to get outside the chain of


second, which release the soft chain

quiz platform has a great advantage on the one hand, the chain can increase the chain of the website, on the other hand can get a good flow. So how to use Q >

, check the post forum is a commercial area and can send links, if released to increase their outside chain.

this is difficult for webmaster friends, soft Wen is the best in the chain effect, a good soft Wen will be reproduced in many webmaster, but because many owners do not know how to write soft, sometimes spent tremendous effort to write a soft article published in A5, the results did not pass so, feel soft, not good writing, have a high degree of difficulty, so give up, in fact, I began to write text several times also did not pass, but at a site due to my posting machine is down right, then through their own efforts again, so I summarized my experience then, a soft article published in A5, but did not think through, everyone can go to A5 or fall in love with the sea to look at this article "post landing right after the Shanghai love weight to 3 experience recovered from 1" , and click rate and transfer amount is high. So for the novice webmaster to do the best station that experience to write easier.

In fact, Section 2

third, some Q & a platform outside the chain

    as the saying goes, the king and the content of the chain for the emperor, the high weight of the site from the chain, believe that many webmaster know this sentence, for many novice webmaster do website content is difficult, it is more difficult to see the chain, among others sites night outside the chain to increase its own several times. Many webmaster can fathom how to do this, but I had to do when standing, too, remain perplexed despite much thought, because done many stations have failed, and through the network learning draws some of the chain growth method. Here for everyone to share.

3, see website signature is set nofollow, if nofollow is set, the chain will have no effect.

believe that the method for the novice webmaster, difficulty is not very high, as long as it is registered forum account, set your own signature on it, some forum support hyperlinks. For this forum is worth us to find, but in the forum signature must pay attention to the following points:

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