Shanghai Longfeng information:

station link: you can make friends easily pay attention to the optimization of the page link to know the number of, for example: the general enterprise homepage link does not exceed 100.

ALEXA ranking:

turn on the computer today is boring, so almost a half day visit on the Internet, suddenly found something fresh (for me is discovered today, may not everyone is found today. For example: Shanghai dragon WHY in October 26, 2012 launched a Search ask community — high quality Shanghai dragon real quiz community, and I know today), it is necessary to write down.

: the number of inbound links can reflect the website links derived clearly, to query a web site with a data at a glance when to Links number, help to exchange Links friends.

world rankings, ranking, average IP, average PV these are for some famous sites will display function, our small webmaster here temporarily will not pursue. If you look at a Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query page China Webmaster Station carefully, you can see that the webmaster tools is in the user experience on the foot of the negative power.

is the first home owners – Chinese station comprehensive inquiry function’s Webmaster Tools added ALEXA ranking: world rankings, traffic rank, average IP, average PV. Shanghai Longfeng information: external links, internal links etc.. Of course, self published, webmaster tools increases the function of adjustment will stop, estimation is accepted to webmaster suggestions or new functions of long-term adjustment of background statistical data to make users visit the web page, all designed to enhance the user experience for the site. The well-known large sites are in a section of the site to enhance their user experience, we will be so small webmaster to Oh, it is because of love Shanghai and frequent adjustment algorithm made the decision (oh, then this paper tentatively titled: frequency adjustment algorithm let love Shanghai famous website in the new to improve the user experience).

then analysis these functions increase to enhance the user experience to play what role:

is not only a short while ago so famous love station network, is not strong with a good user experience and do it? I had a statistics, because love station network launched a love Shanghai weight (BR) and stole the webmaster tools on the part of the user. Of course, webmaster tools also immediately take remedial measures, launched their own love Shanghai weighted query criterion. (why is that here is "love Shanghai weight query criterion" is because their love Shanghai official did not admit that, love Shanghai weight hierarchy is our webmaster speculation out. But careful Shanghai dragon Er will send the same weight, site through love and webmaster tools query are likely.


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