technology news web search engine Tencent, Google (micro-blog) became the star enterprise. However, in the mobile Internet era, low efficiency in information retrieval for the characteristics of the search engine, is caught in a gradually no use of the crisis.

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U.S. media pointed out that, ironically, an important objective of the development and promotion of Google Android operating system, is a generalization of the traditional web search.

insiders said Arthur, in the smart mobile phone on the number of people to use search engines to reduce, the main reason is the variety of mobile APP (software).

said that although the search engine is a sunset industry too early, but you can be sure that the search engine service has already gone through the peak period, has begun to decline from the peak.

people use a mobile software to perform specific tasks, such as Facebook, YAHOO or email tools. People will come looking for a nearby delicacy through an ordering tool, or through an online travel software, to search for flights and hotels near. But not like the past, enter the keyword ticket or restaurant in the search engine.


‘s recent research results of industry experts pointed out that Google will face a serious crisis of survival and transformation in the mobile terminal, intelligent mobile phone users never because nearly half of the use of web search, APP search engine has been replaced, become the entrance consumer access to information and services in the mobile phone.

experts also pointed out that many Internet users access to the common site, too lazy to enter the URL, will also enter the website and click on access to the site in the address bar, in fact, this is not the real meaning of web search service, but Google still can display the search advertising and revenue.

Following the second wave of the Internet has become a comprehensive portal after wave

has similar research reports issued. In the intelligent mobile phone era, the traditional web search engine in decline, causing the total search including computer and mobile phone, the number fell by about 20%.

[Abstract] the search engine service has already gone through the peak period, has begun to decline from the peak.


for Google is a search engine industry, it will be a bad bad news. For Google, the development of the open source operating system although Android monopoly in the market, but Google is still unable to obtain new revenue from Android mobile phone on behalf of the future direction of the.

technology news site BGR reported, recently, the guardian of the technology writer Charles Arthur (Charles Arthur) for the study of the global mobile search engine usage, he concluded that half of mobile phone users every day is never in search. In other words, the search engine industry, Google, unable to search advertising revenue from half of the mobile phone users who get.

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