(I can’t eat ice cream in summer) in the past to share the article, there are a lot of influence in Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, as well as those problems will affect the Shanghai dragon ranking, the same problem, we continue to share today, how to optimize the keywords ranking, need to pay attention to the details of what will meet what fault. Actually very simple, as long as you have the core technology foundation, intention, focus, do not give up the heart will do the most ideal ranking. So, today you need to understand about the details of Shanghai dragon, ranking not to exist what fault, how can we exclude these failures? Follow my steps are to understand each other to grow together.

for the construction of the content, even I do not know how many times, when we create content, to create high-quality content, what is the quality of the content is original content (does not exist: plagiarism, adaptation, translation, annotation, plagiarism, rectification and other acts of the contents) is of high quality the contents of. Since the love of Shanghai launched the spark program, the content is more and more strict, only high quality content to attract users, only high-quality content will bring traffic to the site and natural conversion rate. I have an article about the future is reshaping the future information information, is simple and clear, the purpose is to let users have a better experience. Note; quality content includes the correlation, if you do not agree with the title, not to attract users with spiders, but will be punished, so, the article do not cry up wine and sell vinegar.

station to create high-quality content


website traffic from the core, so have a good website want, you need to make early work is the analysis of key words, use data with the user search data, the keyword data were split, brand keywords, core keywords, long tail word expansion words, explore potential words. The words and so on, these data were obtained by keyword layout, I say a lot of times, in order to save everyone reading time, this problem is not enough. Keywords is the core of what the user really need, do not take the user demand as the core words of pseudo play. The need to understand the industry according to the different needs.


with the development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon industry has gradually become one of the most common ways to promote the website now, many companies have a dedicated staff of Shanghai dragon or a web site maintenance personnel. Thus, Shanghai dragon also need a lot of people engaged in this occupation. It has been in the field of employment in Shanghai Longfeng friends, regardless of your Shanghai Longfeng technical means, you must focus on core factor optimization to optimize keywords.



, a core keywords drainage

three, grab the slow progress speed adjustment

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