why these sites are the direction of the silent change? What I think it is worth pondering.

from the market point of view, the stock raising platform is generally divided into several categories:

observant investors, if carefully observed, may have found that these recently launched equity investors raised the website, you can find some subtle places. For example:

traditional enterprises are shouting that business is too difficult now, and businesses doing business on the Internet are also crying out for too much competition. In fact, this is only a surface phenomenon, our business owner did not really pay attention to network marketing, there is no real to tap their own market. The market will always be there, but your market has been swallowed by competitors. The boss does not understand network marketing, but also what to save the enterprise? Or to see the personal experience of Xiao Bian friends, perhaps, when you read, you will feel.

recently, the spread of a well-known network of public raising platform on the equity raised all the "suspected fraud" article, brush over the circle of friends, spread among the various groups of WeChat, titanium media brave to do that child.

Abstract: do financial know, high-yield corresponding high-risk. When someone tells you that a project has a high return on investment and the risk is low, nine out of ten are deceptive. The equity congregation raised platform investors, P2P and fixed income groups have high risk tolerance, but certainly more than equity, investment angel investors risk bearing capacity is low.

the rapid development of the Internet, so that we have slowly accustomed to using her to find our needs, what is difficult, you ask sh419 on the line. Faced with the next 10 years, China’s e-commerce growth of 250 times the market, enterprises should seize this opportunity. But now a lot of enterprises do network marketing, online business, just open a sh419 promotion account, or ask a network management, think so can be very good in the net to pull a lot of customers.

two, the nature of the equity platform is to raise the risk of assets to match the risk tolerance of people

long ago, the media friends let me talk about the idea of raising all the shares, I have said I dare not speak. First of all, in this complex society, become the emperor’s new clothes that do not understand the traditional code of conduct children, the price may be very high; secondly, I was in the financial industry, I do not want to raise public equity industry on the opposite side, become the industry’s enemy.

he graduated from a manufacturing plant at the very beginning. In fact, when he went to the interview, he didn’t have any experience at all, but he knew all about it. He was interviewed by the factory owner. From the office to the office without ten minutes, the boss just asked he will send the message you will do in the online promotion, he gave the answer is, then talk about wages, not too much, for who just graduated has been met. So he went to work on the second day, so he began to work as a network manager in the factory. He is a person, he is in charge of company website promotion every day on the net, competitive bidding is promoted, still incidental company network problem, art is waited a moment.

two is a business platform, including the influential Angel sinks, angel passengers, Zhi Jinhui, everyone voted, cloud chips and most web sites.

one, the current status of public equity raised platform

I started the potential stock platform from October 2015, and initially someone saw us as a platform for equity offerings, and I was afraid of that definition. Potential stock has been positioning is to do only the old stock transfer, and mainly to do between institutions and institutions of equity transfer trading, and equity raised entirely different.

I did some research on this industry in 2014 and 2015. I think the industry in China is complete

this phenomenon, I believe that in many enterprises exist, enterprises do network marketing, not to hire a person to do promotion, open a bid to finish. If so, expect hiring a person to complete all the things, then you have timely customer consultation, it is rarely, because your opponent is stronger than you, would you like warm boiled frog, and finally realized too late. Business owners must understand the strategy and direction of network marketing, and know which enterprises should do their online marketing in the direction, so that employees who need recruitment can perform it. >

Angel sinks: basically abandoned the online chips to raise this model, and converted to offline flash cast, more like FA institutions;

Zhi Jinhui: recently launched a lot of film and television projects to raise public.

Angel guest: the basic transformation of listed companies to raise the public, the angel class equity projects raised little;

in that job is one year, the boss for online marketing this is not very clear, during which he gave a lot of suggestions or strategies, the boss will listen to, and then it comes to nothing. The boss is the most often asked not to call today how ah, on the Internet with his mobile phone number, but also did not know exactly how much promotion after the consultation, the effect is also very difficult to assess, it also leads to the do not know from which to improve. There are no meetings in a year. Everyone is doing what they do, and when they have problems, no one tells you how to solve them, but only by himself. Although there is some effect on the Internet, but the opponent may be willing to invest, a few people to go to your team and a person to fight, imagine the end of this market will fall into whose hands.


is the father of the congregation raised platform, such as Jingdong, as passengers, 360 financial ant chips, sh419 bayzone, Suning to raise the public, 36kr also can be roughly counted as such; this kind of public equity raised platform has the advantage of investors huge traffic sources, and therefore raise speed;

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