from magazine model to annual income exceeds Fan Bingbing and Kim Kardashian super net red, when used only 1 years, where is the big Yi win? The marketing of domestic dress appeared those changes?

according to the latest news of the women’s daily, the sale of products has become the largest source of revenue for micro-blog’s 5 million 290 thousand fans, and only clothing sales have exceeded $60 million. Earlier data show that its 2015 revenue of $46 million, not only the luxury brands favorite star Fan Bingbing annual income of 2 times, more than the United States reality show star Kim Kardashian. According to Forbes’s latest data, Kim Kardashian earned $45 million 500 thousand last year.

for this event, a week after the launch of the business enterprise, since the beginning of 2001 to do Internet advertising agency, officially launched in April this year, "the advertisement dotting" business longtuo company introduced a brand protection provisions to regulate the selection and use of advertising words, for the protection of the embedded web advertising in the corporate brand and local government organizations, and exclusive terms.

Zhang Dayi’s Taobao store, "my happy wardrobe," currently has 5 million 532 thousand fans, and its products are made up of ready-made clothes, shoes and accessories, just like a mature brand. Zhang Dayi thinks her Taobao store for the fans in the fashion provide more choices, "now is not the past, consumers are not only big brands to choose from, and we this group also meets the consumer demand more and more personalized." She also pointed out that now China’s millennials are very different from the past, the brand in their eyes does not have much real meaning, but more willing to buy from the same age people shop.

, Zhang Dayi said in an interview, her outgoing and optimistic personality and sweet appearance is the key to many of her favorite consumers, and her personal style is in line with the Chinese clothing market.


in the morning of June 25th, the NetEase news "capital airport Olympic security program introduced in the text, when the reporter mouse on the change of color, and with the underlined word design after an advertisement window appears automatically in the next content is a book called" design "in the design the ads, if you click on the window, enter the dangdang".

after the Spring Festival this year in the media cooperation with the extension of the "crash" of the new light international, starting from the end of last year was the "point" of the "new media" the form of its products and there is no essential difference between "classic". Ding Jun, founder of the company, resigned in mid September 2006 as Microsoft’s job

, a dramatic factor, has made "advertising in the text" beginning to be recognized by the vast numbers of Internet users. Before Amazon CEO Bezos arrived in Beijing on June 4th, dangdang bought advertising keywords NetEase, Tencent, TOM portal and superior related dotting the paper, as long as the mouse to drag the page in the "excellence" and "joyo", "Amazon" and other key words will appear dangdang. Text or image ads, if you can click on the link to the official website of dangdang.

new advertising model from the United States

at the same time, Zhang Dayi stressed that a major cause of Red Net Pro net red economic sense is also so successful in China, because unlike other network red star as far superior, so consumers will feel very warm. She believes that her fans, in addition to her own, but also her pursuit of lifestyle. In order to make her upper body more realistic, she wanted to explain it in video. In 2014, Zhang Dayi took the first 5 minute video with a single camera, one of the first Chinese videos to introduce the product.

is like 10 years ago, the traditional advertising companies to develop the "goal", "life" and other courier direct advertising media, at home, at least seven or eight companies launched such as words as a platform, called "the advertisement" also called "embedded ad new advertising model. Extension of general manager Su Yi interactive company called the Internet advertising products of a new generation, and Beijing new light technology CEO Ding Jun believes that it is a kind of "new media", Shanghai Hong community spread to reporters said in a message: text search technology is not a matter of content production; but its technology genes determine it has shlf1314 like "xixingdafa" — all content website readers into their own readers.

Zhang Yi, formerly known as Zhang Yi, born in 1988, graduated from Shanghai Business School in 2009 after the model was entered the fashion industry, fashion magazine "Ruili" model contract, has also worked for Maybelline, Coca-Cola and other products shooting commercials.

but Zhang Dayi’s most famous identity is not the model, but the most profitable Taobao shopkeeper. In 8 years as a model, Zhang Dayi established his own Taobao clothing store "my joy closet" in 2014, not only in just one year to achieve annual income of $46 million, became the first Taobao "double 11 Shopping Festival sales of more than billion yuan in the Taobao store. Her record of achievement has not been surpassed so far.

, a battle for co – operating sites and advertisers has kicked off the war. According to macro spread Mr Qu said that the company has just signed a cooperation agreement with Sohu, the relevant business will soon be on the line. Shortly before, one of the world’s largest media advertising communication group – WPP group has been involved with the Dragon Billiton interactive, including a number of related vendors, hoping to be able to market and marketing cooperation. Prior to that, Ogilvy & Mather has established a joint venture with a Korean company in China to operate an embedded advertising website.

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