is to make the ecological chain e-commerce market has "life" features, not only change the user’s shopping habits, and rules of engagement has been completely disrupted by the Internet, the Internet is a subtle transformation of modern people. However, we see an example of Tencent, not focus on the chat software, involving almost all of the Internet industry, after 360, also seems to subvert the Internet just established order, whether the Tencent or the copycat, 360 "spoiler", do the "enclosure movement", there is no core the product, the result is the grotesque, seemingly very famous, very domineering, but a field of outstanding brand, these seemingly equal to anything "paper tiger" image instantly shattered, build the ecological chain, there is actually no amount of quality

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the so-called minority development, that is, in a small circle, the user can completely complete all the experience of the Internet, users themselves, access to Internet >!

! !The ultimate goal of


wants to occupy a space for one person in the Internet, has become a point of the ecological chain is essential, whether traditional or emerging business enterprises, if not very good in the ecological chain, both by blocking the situation will be very suffocating, especially the illusion that one day be able to come to the Internet, this time the pack, the road of development more twists and turns, even stuck, so the giants dominated the Internet, they are to become the dominant in the premise of the ecological chain of the Internet, the development trend of more and more obvious niche

since the early September, the alliance settlement data in August, but at the end of August part of the product data has not yet returned, so many webmaster to come to consult the commission when the payment settlement in August.

respected stationmaster:

in order to the interests of the majority of the webmaster, the union decided to re settlement, the Commission will be settled in August. Is still in the process of settlement, is expected to complete the settlement process this week, the inconvenience brought to the webmaster please understand.

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and is currently the main trend of the development of the electricity supplier, many electricity providers have been dreaming of such users, in the whole process for products, to buy the product in the application of their products, including the final means of payment, but in fact, it is difficult to do on the Internet, enterprises not only to build their own ecological chain, complacent, stall the shop is bigger, the right to speak but gradually disappear, if want to build their own ecological chain, in fact, is more suitable for personal webmaster, because the trend of ecological niche chain, is precisely the grassroots webmaster has the advantage of

recent rumors, the Tencent once spent 2 billion yuan soso have changed hands, this is a painful example, in social media gradually become the mainstream market today, in the search engine market only sh419 alone big situation, to chat started Tencent seems to have some back, because of social media the search engine is more advanced than the living, to find information than "sh419" even more vivid, then derived a search engine sh419 products? Only a short while ago, also made a similar mistake, by virtue of its powerful search engine to bring hundreds of millions of users, with the electronic commerce, also does not work, in fact is very simple, "sh419" identity appeared in the Internet sh419, like a teacher can give users a tuition FAQ plays the teacher’s identity, once sh419 began to push When selling products to students, what will happen? At least their authority will be greatly reduced!

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