wants to be an old man. Every year he gets less money than others. It’s the culture of huaxing. Bear hardships before, enjoy in the back, or good things are you accounted for, bad things are let others wipe the bottom, brothers what do you mix?

According to the WeChat

, the former WeChat public platform sent out a small program beta invitation, triggered an earthquake, in the WeChat program description, the WeChat team to provide a similar App model account for the user, it does not need to download and install the application can use the mobile phone users do not have to worry about is not installed too much of the App an application can include all of the content of no..

WeChat official description of the small program is a small program, is a need to download and install the application can be used, it realizes the application of the "touch" of the dream, the user can open or sweep search application. Also reflects the "run out" concept, users do not care about whether to install too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous and ready to use, but need not install uninstall.

I was born in a diplomat’s home. My parents are away from school all the year round. I live in a free life. 13 years old, go to Zhangjiajie alone, 16 years old and a group of buddies to Tibet, afraid of the road unsafe, and put the knife on the road.

before I had this comment: WeChat application, is undoubtedly a function of the public, is good for App start-up team, can reduce the initial development costs, rapid verification of product on the WeChat platform. For, which has been used by low frequency, the emergence of the WeChat application may be a danger signal.

, my rivers and lakes,

but the fact may not be as good as people wish, the application number may also lead to increased circle of friends marketing, destruction of social sharing experience, but if restrictions marketing, entrepreneurship

learned to do business when he was more than 10 years old. Our foreign exchange was regulated at that time. You can’t buy many imported goods, but the children of the diplomats can buy foreign exchange certificates at some stores and sell them to the students to earn a little money.

I hope my success is not a person’s success, but a group of people’s success. My brothers and sisters with me, their house is the biggest, the car is the best, and the kid can go to the best school, so I feel very proud.

open class Zhang Xiaolong in January this year on the PRO version, is actually the application, as a new form of public number: in peacetime this number to the user will not send things, so App will be very quiet there, when users need to find it. "

Huaxing resign, first of all, I have to ask why you go, openly talk, do not advise you to leave, I will help you analyze it is not a good opportunity, in which more objective analysis of risk; you stay in Huaxing opportunity, if new opportunities better, then I release. Second, in the company, what are the remaining interests, I send these to you; third, we say the bottom line, out of the door, or buddy, do nothing to hurt each other’s things.

is a WeChat version of App Store. In fact, is indeed a prototype application of App Store, it is not the essence of the H5 application, but a smaller version of App, realize the localization of embedded in WeChat, so many people said, this will allow App developers to shiver, will cause a lot of App was deleted.

If a man

I’ve worked in the industry for more than 20 years, and I’ve been thinking about it for the last three years. I did not understand before, always feel that the team is doing things for me, but in fact wrong, I help the team secretary.


to do business to earn the money, and all the friends eat Hesse hu. When the boys quarreled and fought, I stood up and intervened. I was playing such a role when I was young, and slowly became the boss.

Huaxing is a place with great lakes and rivers. It is a group of brothers who are mixed up with society. I don’t want them to call me a pack. They call bags. They’re a little shy. Just call the boss.

The majority of micro channel applications,

is a problem, if a App in the Android AppStore app store or download rate is low, the unloading rate is high, it means that its value is low, product function, not the needs of users, so that an application ported to WeChat application ecological, would be unable to succeed.

the core competitiveness of our industry is how to attract talented people, retain outstanding talents, and train excellent talents. What’s the boss? The three things, nothing else.

in the final analysis, the small program gives the majority of entrepreneurs a new platform, so that they can find ways to contact the user fast iteration. However, the success or failure of the platform is not too good or bad relationship, the key is to look at the product itself.

we know, before the application number does not appear, a problem has been widely discussed that out, you have to do a App or a public number of entrepreneurs is very tangled, because the development process of App long, was off the high cost, and make a public number is more lightweight, cost lower.


I assess the starting point of this matter is to you in the end good, and not for me, if you stay in China

in the capital market, Jianghu is a rare presence. In commercial society, this characteristic is very characteristic of china. But Huaxing capital is relying on rivers and lakes, become a key factor in cooperation. Standing in the other side angle, for customers to do anything, maybe this is the new commercial civilization. Trust is priceless, this period of investment for you to share is Huaxing capital boss pack where old gun career.

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