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California Berkeley University made a research project for the last 30 years, in this project, he followed the successful and unsuccessful entrepreneur occupation career, finally reached the following two conclusions:

An associate professor at Gustavo Manso

seriously, if you want to start a business, take immediate action, Right, Now,

you might as well look at the company from the hiring manager or the company’s CEO

, "I’m 24 now, and I really want to start my own business.". If the business two years later, finally failed, I was wasted in the above two years, which means that in the past two years I missed in the present work may get a promotion and raise a chance. When I went back to work after the failure of my career, I was 26 years old, and I didn’t want to have my salary at the age of 24."

since most startups do fail, many hopeful entrepreneurs may have similar ideas before deciding whether to start a business:

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Conclusion: the

conclusion two: entrepreneurs who have failed to start a business but have failed to return to their company, they earn almost the same salary as those who have never started an office.

is expected to become increasingly competitive and interconnected in the face of competition


Manso didn’t surprise anyone. After all, many people do poineering work because one of the most attractive things about entrepreneurship is that you may earn more money as a company founder than you do.

"those who want to start business may think that since the probability of failure to do business is so great, if the business fails, it may greatly reduce the income you have received from your career.". However, this is not the case. Even if you fail to start a business, as long as they can quickly change their minds and adapt to their role as the regular office worker, then they won’t lose any income.

a serial entrepreneur in life entrepreneurs than those who did not dare to take risks and have been going to work in the company workers to earn 10%.

The ultimate goal of

in the public business of the times, if you also dream of their own, but because of too much worry about the risk of business failure and hesitated, then you don’t need to have this fear, want to go to a business, this is not unfounded, this is the conclusion of a report.

in the information era, the popularity of the Internet has become a key channel for people to obtain information, consumption, share, exchange and tools, the audience demand level, enhance the level of demand and the diversification of the content of the website is impermanent, the relevant policies and sources are facing many problems, many sites are also seeking effective solutions. Jiu guest alliance as a new media content alliance marketing strategy into the market, the more is to deal with the challenge of the market, and by the wider and deeper attention.

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The first conclusion from

view currently existing small and medium-sized websites of personal sites, such as river carp, and promiscuity, website content homogenization is becoming increasingly serious, more difficult to talk about any updates, technical loopholes to support to maintain its own position but not the world change rapidly into a quagmire, but can not extricate themselves, can not find the way of development. The shortage of funds, the operation of content, server bandwidth pressure to let the dream strangled in the cradle.

website has two aspects, one is marketing, delivery to the immediate customer groups possible through the specific content, let customers know about, or a deeper impression in their minds, the formation of future purchases; another is the communication level, namely the market plan to enhance the visibility of the site. In order to provide brand sales support and market support. The spread, and spread to the transformation from marketing, sales and customer conversion rate, at different times, communication strategies are highly personalized in point selection, implementation and other things.

, however, Manson’s second conclusions were surprising to many.

, however, Manso studies have shown that such fears are simply unnecessary.

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