in the end is to sell skirts, or concert for publicity?

yesterday, Jingdong said it began selling Talyor Swift fashion goods next month. This stylish line of mildew includes dresses, blouses and sweaters. All of these items will be sold at the National Museum of the Jingdong.

of course, Jingdong is looking at the influence of mold. "Glad to Jingdong to become the only supplier of Talyor Swif online fashion goods," Liu Qiangdong said, "Talyor Swift is very popular now, she has been a popular symbol, can she win thousands of fans at home every day."

mildew in addition to frequently change boyfriend and famous, her talent has also been recognized by the market. She is the only one of 3 albums released only a week to break the million sales of artists, including the 2010 Now, in the year of "RED" and the "1989" in the year of 2014, "Speak". Since her debut, she has sold nearly about 8000000 albums worldwide.


and Heritage66 Company is the Jingdong matchmaking cooperation development, it will be responsible for the fashion product line and released on matters in Jingdong. At present, there is no single product details revealed.

This product line of

mold is designed for the Chinese market "landing" products, will not be sold abroad. Of course, at home, if you want to buy, you can only buy on the Jingdong.

and Taylor while landing China market and her 1989 World Tour Concert, Taylor concert in Shanghai in November. Taking into account the ability of Jingdong to run fashion products, well, it’s a warm-up for the concert.

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