graduated from high school in 2000, she had a failed ceramic business experience. Dormant for some time, Miss Yang and friends saw the advantages of jewelry industry, decided to re rent the shop to do jewelry business. She is considering their own economic strength, can only be a small cost investment, mainly do is 20%, the limited spending power of the student’s business, it is best to open in Xinjiekou. So she rented a two square meter shop nearby.

"doing nothing" is better than doing "

two years ago, when Miss Yang’s belt store opened, it was a fire, but then it fell silent again. 3 months after setting up shop, one of the students who came to visit Miss Yang complained to Miss Yang: "there are some trends in the shop. There is nothing special about it. It is very difficult to find some belts that are different from others.". This inspires miss yang. So Miss Yang studied fashion magazines with her friends. She made reference to herself and designed several styles and made these special models for manufacturers. Try to sell the store, it is particularly popular, many customers designated special custom-made belt. By then, the store’s custom-made belt accounted for 1/3. Customers’ preferences are constantly changing, and Ms. Yang keeps the custom-made goods for three months to update the style and constantly gives the customers a new feeling. Some regulars also to miss yang. "

, she went to the nearby wholesale market looking for similar products. She picked out 15 of the 55% largest buyers from the 40 stock buyers, and bargained with them one after another, and finally confirmed 5, winning the delivery price between 45% and.

young Miss Yang in jewelry shop in Nanjing Xinjiekou business circle started a special business belt, because of differentiation, personalized management, attracted many students’ sister’s eye.

"When   in the crackdown illegal SMS 3· 15, industry insiders disclosed that China Mobile recently again punished a number of violations of SP, SOHU, Linktone and Shanghai PR 15 wireless SP list.

It is reported that in the

, China Mobile to the punishment, including the Sohu, Shanghai blue Online Computer Co. Ltd. Linktone, Beijing honland 95, Beijing palm Internet Technology Co. Ltd. and Beijing in Hong Xun Information Technology Limited company, Shenzhen City Interactive Technology Limited company, Shanghai mtone wireless Co., 15 SP has been a full cessation of service in Hebei port.

it is understood that the mobile SP was punished, SOHU, Linktone, Shanghai Meitong wireless, Beijing honland 95 occupy the larger share of the market. In 2004, SOHU was due to illegal business operation was suspended a year China Mobile mobile phone MMS service, Linktone was also due to the implementation of mandatory order of China Mobile WAP business users and accept the charges on behalf of the suspension of six months, while WAP business integration for six consecutive months of zero penalty.    

After finishing the

still has twists and turns after

just opened the business also felt some bright spots, but the good times don’t last long. Miss Yang’s jewelry stalls except business headdress, hangings and belts and other accessories, two square meters stalls shop was full, or the display of goods is not open. Immediately after less than two months time, the same place and opened three or four similar jewelry stores, fierce competition, Miss Yang business fell very powerful. After a few days of observation, she found that all types of belts sold very well in their stores, so that they operate in all respects, it is better to "big, oblique, single belt, a business.".

had this idea, Miss Yang on the investigation into the difficult social, she went on the street for more than 20 days, special observation of the general consumers wear belt, a belt every see on the notebook, a good painting about the image, for those who appear repeatedly, with the method of painting "is" the word record, finishing last out of the 50 categories of design features belt.

followed the investigation for 20 days,

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