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second do bidding advertising, this is definitely 300 yuan project, the network free offline training, income after payment. Tell them the same method, and then let them go to the source station, their next station to apply for these 20 alliances, after the completion of the application, so that they also put these 20 alliances apply for advertising, to recommend other people to apply.

this month, the stationmaster has recently experimented with new practices in the domestic union. We have found that the domestic league is very large, and the lack of the main site is common in each league, so the league has its own promotional advertising, if you apply for an advertising alliance can hang the union recommended advertising, through your recommendation to join the advertising alliance website certification success will give you into the income of 5-10 yuan.

, of course, earns much more than any other ad. Suppose that one day a recommender applies for an alliance from 20 advertisements on your station. How much is it if 20 people apply for it? 5 yuan / *20 League *20, personal =2000 yuan / day.

domestic advertising alliance often practices you are roughly PC with the new Muzi, Xianfeng, Qianqian software to click. Not to do CPA class constantly change IP, registration false information. It is CPS that shifts the temptation of interest to do it.

day to earn 300 yuan, with the title of the party, but careful operation, slow work, can do it!

that’s how it works.

some details are not revealed in detail, the train of thought to everyone, extended by themselves, many ways to make money, we work harder!

first, first to screen more than 20 reputable alliance applications to become a web site owner, the condition is that the alliance has recommended advertising, recommend a minimum of 5 yuan or more. The more you apply for an alliance, the more you can spend on your budget. Put a recommendation from each alliance on one of your websites, or 20 posts on a forum. Each post has an application for an alliance.

website traffic increase, a good method!!!

a first and talk about feelings:When

also studied several months of engine knowledge, fortunately, a few months of hard and finally were not in vain, to the flow of the engine has been stable in thousands of IP. and so on the engine after a few months. However, overnight sh419 actually blocked many pages, only tens of thousands of pages a few pages! Pain! for a day, is to understand why, on him is not a permanent solution, the initial concern is to become a reality! Fortunately, I still feel quite careful, and through their own efforts, within 35 days of the loss of sh419 traffic to make up!

two point: website promotion site traffic increase:

flow so several aspects: General background!

1 search engine

2 ad exchange

3 paid advertising

5 links


1 search engines: I do not want to say this, there are a lot of master forum published a good many aspects of the content of engine promotion! The engine must not be ignored, this is a very important step, the size of the engine is landing station must not only sh419, shlf1314, 3721 and 163, , Sun Wukong and so on to flow together, a lot of: rich web content, improve website content update frequency, not January an article, engine does not value you, insist that every update more than 10 articles, you will find that you will be more than you can imagine in the engine ranking!

2 ad exchange! Now there are many large or small online, regular, informal advertising exchange. I analyzed a movie station, he has more than 5000IP per day, advertising linked to! Of course, this general station also can not do, to point into more, you must point out more! But practice certificate >

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,

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