today to talk to you about my discovery, I found my first love, is to find people, but is not love to manipulate people, so I think after the more time I will share my findings, if there is a friend that I find and share good, that is my greatest encouragement the. I think I’ll go on and go on sharing some of my discoveries. Let competent friends and interested friends can try to operate. In this way, it will be a small help for your friends.

today I want to share something about SEO and leveraging. If your SEO basic skills are good, you can go to leveraging, leveraging can be a lot of points. But the main thing here is to borrow the name. In fact, this is not difficult to understand. When Taobao guest is very popular, we are actively doing the Wangzhuan project. In the promotion of foot work. A lot of friends started doing web work. Their key words on what to choose, "Taobao women’s clothing", "Taobao home page", "Taobao shopping" what, in fact, this is the name. Because these words are what you want to Taobao shopping, want to search the word, so that the good standing of the flow of nature is very big. So you earn more commission.

entrepreneurship in the past two years has gradually become a public participation craze, in this process, many entertainment stars have embarked on the road of investors. After more and more entertainment stars have become the protagonist of science and technology news, one after another stars become Internet Co’s "overbearing President"".

involved in the Internet venture capital circle "Star VC" in its early days, determined to find innovative companies in china. They said that not only to do corporate shareholders, but also for the user experience is responsible for creating charisma personality for the enterprise.

in fact, this is not difficult for many friends to understand, but also everyone familiar with the practice. But you probably don’t know, because you know there’s a lot of people doing it, and everyone thinks it’s a very direct way to make money, so many people do that. But the real money is nothing but a good ranking in the front. Why do people struggle with such fierce competition, to do everything. For newcomers, this approach can be flexible. We can definitely use it. Borrow other famous station names, or other brands. For example, may do the relevant "red child shopping network", "Mcglaughlin shopping network" such keywords, so that competition is much smaller, and the flow is quite large. Here’s just an example. The method is live, we can find out more. Look for more. If the ability to do the money to make keywords, if the SEO ability is weak, do the competition small competition words.

former star partner parted ways


Star VC, the investment company led by Quan Ren, Li Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming, became a model company for stars to participate in the investment. At the end of last year, He Jiong joined Ali music set off a wave of wave, then music micro-blog Music+ program has also attracted Lee Hom, TF boys and Li Yuchun star settled, then, Zheng Jun joined the old music music too.

2013, Ma Dong joined Iqiyi away from CCTV also sparked quite shocked, until this year, Li Xiang will serve as the 360 chief content officer of the rumors, squid Liu Liu Yuxi joined the music as sports director Hong Tao, I am a singer singing news entry have stimulated not big waves. Entertainment stars joined the Internet Co, a few industries, the new normal, in a number of rounds of similar information bombing, the public has become numb to such news.

relatively speaking, the star’s distinctive aura undoubtedly brings many natural advantages to its investment and business. On the other hand, for the Internet financial companies, in addition to capital import, more highlights the star effect, highly fit strong fan appeal in the Internet era and the needs of the brand fans economy popular.

more importantly, since 2016, the heat of entrepreneurship has weakened, the advent of capital winter, star investors and failed to show a better fight against the ability to play. Who is swimming naked, who can carry a trough, become a topic of concern.

‘s predecessors often say that the fastest way to succeed in the Internet is to copy other people’s success patterns. Of course I do. But I didn’t do that. After all, if a person’s power, energy, and financial resources are limited, he can’t handle what he can do. Of course, these are not operational, everyone’s situation is different, only the advantages of each person together, to become a team, many can not complete the task, it becomes simple.

however, because too many star selection and Internet Co for more depth cooperation, the stars of the Internet plus move has faded the freshness of the original.


therefore, star investors have their own characteristics in terms of investment. In such as video entertainment industry, Internet financial platform and other pioneering projects, should be more able to highlight the advantages of.


Star VC first by Quan Ren, Huang Xiaoming and Li Bingbing three people founded, each holding 30%. The equity structure is a way of many professional investment institutions most afraid of, seems to be the collective decision-making, democratic arrangements, when actually face the risk of the enterprise, often inefficient and no one is responsible for the formation of the Internet, and ultimately prevarication.

well, this day is over here, the other we are all sensible, many of them are known, but some of my friends do not know, so share with words, give you more space to create their own unique ideas and methods. Next time you’ll talk about other methods of leveraging.

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