e-commerce as an emerging industry, 2009 online shopping total amount reached 250 billion yuan, which led to the national network of business boom, not only contribute to the smooth development of the domestic economy, but also to solve the employment problem of a large number of personnel, and promote social stability and prosperity. Unlike in the past, local independent network operators in 2008 and 2009 as the rapid growth of the main A new force suddenly rises. In the subsequent interactive forum, Cheng Xindong on Fujian e-commerce – resources, capabilities, the environment, the local vertical e-commerce industry and other topics with professionals and webmasters to share and interact with friends.

Cheng Xindong told reporters that the "electronic commerce money king bright, the webmaster should undergo as a warning for the future after a setback last year, looking for a more secure network business channels, such as local forum and the combination of e-commerce, open the local online shopping platform, professional website can also open up shopping channel, the accumulation of membership looking for new profit point for yourself. Of course, many local owners in Fujian have seized the opportunity, religious supplies these are good examples."

mentioned that the future development of electronic commerce, V5shop CEO Cheng Xindong said: "the electronic commerce will be the focus of each site worthy of attention, not only because he has great potential, and is likely to become one of the important sources of profit in the webmaster. We are well aware of many sites, such as Tianya, thunder, etc. have been involved in e-commerce. Shanghai Weibo network witnessed the rapid development of e-commerce in China, in the past 2009, only online payment transactions in the nearest 600 billion yuan, through the V5shop online mall system for e-commerce enterprises has reached thousands, V5shop online shopping mall system many webmaster friends use our has been profitable. If you can help more interested in e-commerce through this conference to the success of friends, V5shop will be honored."

In order to better long-term development of

business firm, Shanghai Weibo V5shop will as in the past developed more and more adapt to the development of the enterprise online platform, but also provide more templates and source code and other free resources for webmaster friends, to seek common development.

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