mentioned earlier a concept, many special niche needs, can be used to meet the public products, such as I have a special form of registration form requirements, in fact, can also be completed with excel.

"team of middle and senior personality in his resignation, this is normal. But in the Internet industry collective resignation, has been good for many years no matter." Usually this situation may be more in traditional industries, but the incident appeared strange." Some industry insiders commented. It was 1997, there have been "yinghaiwei collective resignation" similar events. The only difference is that, yinghaiwei. 15 senior management staff, and Jiayuan is the loss of the entire market, a total of 6 employees.
"we do and they have been in contact, and they have our CEO met, do not rule out the possible to work for our company. But it has not yet been finalized." Yesterday, Lily network public relations person in charge told reporters that Mr. xia.
"the water is very deep, perhaps perhaps the name for profit, not a good comment." Some netizens said. "Collective"

said that many entrepreneurs, I need is the one and only for products, other products can not meet the demand, but in fact, really is the one and only, but it may have many solutions, and the user to install the app is a high cost of things, without the flow of dividends on the experience advantage can drive the user to try, this problem is not so optimistic.

the question of idealism is more than that. Let me briefly sum up

high frequency, low frequency, low frequency niche products often end up in high frequency demand for mass products, not to mention anything else, you know, how many people are through >

, the world’s largest dating Match last year by the network charges up to 2 billion yuan turnover. And won millions of dollars of investment, nearly 10 million registered users, but the debt management of domestic dating sites, in reality it faces do not eat "wolf peach" embarrassing. March 14th, dating sites Jiayuan marketing 6 officers resigned, the customer resources become the focus of contention.

currently leisurefriends about about 50000000 registered users, dating from about 14 million to 15 million, about 1 million business friends, so online dating websites registered users scale is about 61 million exclusion overlap, the matchmaking websites can be said to be the strongest group purpose. However, the current domestic dating sites from the rise has so far failed to find a suitable profit mode. "When the market needs the funds, but also will face the pressure of survival and development, dating websites for control of internal funds will inevitably become the main contradiction." An industry internal source.The pattern of

too many entrepreneurs answer user access demands, is an ideal based on the assumption that the product already exists plenty of valuable information on time, resources and users, how to attract new users, make a comparison not polite, if you have no one around with WeChat, so the first batch of users from where is


this is the topic involving cold start, unilateral start, multilateral start, must face such a problem.


2 believes that users are willing to pay enough for this requirement.

talking to a lot of entrepreneurs, I am a person who is more direct, and always asks some more demanding questions. The most common is why users install and use your products.

1, the acquisition of new users, based on the assumption that the product already has perfect resources, user groups, and valuable information. But the fact is that you have only one empty product in your hand. There is no resource, no user base, no valuable information.

then I found that entrepreneurs will make a special classic problem is, with the ideal scenario to describe the user’s demands, just for example, assume that entrepreneurs to do an unfamiliar street APP, entrepreneurs say, the user through the software will find that there are many beautiful girls around, so will be installed our software to know these girls. But this is not what I want to ask, I ask is, the first batch of users, you do not have any people on top, when the first batch of users how to come?.

I really want to say that many entrepreneurs don’t have any idea about this. When too many entrepreneurs to answer user access demands, is an ideal based on the assumption that the product already exists plenty of valuable information on time, resources and users, how to attract new users, make a comparison not polite, now all the people in the use of WeChat, to explain why the new user. WeChat, it is necessary to explain? But if you don’t use WeChat, so the first batch of users come from

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