29, Baidu Hi product beta Beat1 announced at the same time, download address, also shows, and an instant messaging product is put in front of us, for this product, I think most of the network will go to try, because we in the new born will often have the curiosity to the first time to try and find new opportunities, I can bring what with its own wealth, but I think now it is just this, we’ll never abandon Tencent, our faithful partner, unless, QQ charges, Baidu free, like between Taobao and Ebay. This will be a win, but now is different, Chinese do understand Chinese, want to be in a very mature, and then severely bite, seems far fetched.

anyway, as a grassroots station, I still have to try the Baidu Hi for the first time!


this product will not be like that of the Sina UC by mail promotion, also won’t like bubble NetEase that rely on promotion of the game, but also want to do like Taobao have their own professional shop crowd, what Baidu is launching its products? Perhaps business opportunities here, maybe we need grassroots owners out of a force. Specifically, how Baidu works is still unknown, we can only wait and see its change, and we are ready to wait for it to come,


said that Baidu launched this product to enter the field of C2C, and not to enter the instant messaging, if say that Baidu Hi is just a tool for the Baidu C2C platform, Baidu Hi launch, C2C platform will believe us now bearing, because his purpose is to push a shopping platform, not to push the instant messaging tool, so the opportunity is in the shopping platform, ha ha

If Baidu

won’t let you easily know what it wants to do, perhaps at the same time, he wanted to give you a 360 degree turn, now we should be able to phase several good domain name from it, perhaps this is a fortune…..

is the webmaster for Baidu, some laugh, some pain, pain is their own stand by Baidu K, flow down a lot, but users of Baidu are very popular, a domain name in the browser never lose, must first open the Baidu, and then enter the domain name, ha ha, this is not in the minority, have serious dependence on Baidu, this is Baidu’s huge wealth, compared to Tencent is a spell.

no matter what Baidu wants to do, I believe there will be a lot of vibration, it must have been an elephant action, not our grassroots every day busy ants moving game. The last word is, "I support Baidu, what about you,


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