as everyone knows, the website business compared with other traditional entrepreneurial projects, the cost is very small, as long as the purchase of a domain name and space to download to install a free CMS system or modify the free program template can start, the total start-up costs may not be more than 200 yuan, because of low start-up costs, the threshold is not high, coupled with a large number of news media and Internet sites of successful entrepreneurs propaganda, will attract a large number of social youth and students to join the business groups in the webmaster.

China now has many webmaster, this does not have an official published figures, some people say that is 300 thousand, and some people say that 500 thousand, 1 million, and to speak their own reasons. But according to the laggards BBS registered members (460 thousand), and the network owners forum member (90 thousand), and Ali mother forum member (730 thousand) should be estimated webmaster circle should have about 1 million people, of course, here it refers to the owners not only full-time webmaster, there are many students and part-time webmaster webmaster.

business groups to a large scale, but we all feel to do more and more bad money is earned, do a few years old webmaster all know, 02-06 website is very easy to make money, is a waste site as long as there is traffic, you can make money.

06 years, with the death of SP, SP Union has closed, personal website making money is gradually moving toward winter. Now it can be said that 90% of the personal webmaster are basically living on the GG alliance, and if one day the GG alliance is no longer open to China, the personal website will fall more than half. Some people say that this is impossible, but anything is not absolute, everything is possible. Domestic alliances such as Ali mother alliance, can only be said to earn a little money, more than 95% of the owners of Baidu alliance and the application to the domestic CPC alliance, CPS alliance CPA alliance basically low-spirited state, individual stationmaster is not easy to earn money from the union.

said many friends will ask, in your opinion, people engage in website entrepreneurship is no future and hope? Of course not, the Internet in Chinese is still very young, but still have a future network to make money. As long as you can grasp the direction, there is still hope of success. So promising do what? A local professional service sites such as local dating sites, local travel website, the local second-hand information website, the local rental network, local clothing network, local car rental, local food network and so on, to do this kind of profit model is very clear: membership services, membership services and advertising business commission so, this kind of website promotion is difficult, and the line must be combined in order to see the effect of promotion, but the short term is difficult to profit, but as soon as the visibility and influence, if properly managed, there will be good for sustainable development; based on the network application > two

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