‘s understanding of the product and industry will help you get into the advanced business queue rather than the trivial business that you’ve been working on.

entry-level primary operations often feel tedious and tedious work, both requires you have a strong executive power, but also to test whether your ideas clear. For example, we will provide a push copy of how to write the click rate will be high, will be a wave of users into 10 groups of different amount of vouchers to test the conversion rate, even to defuse a user complaints and telephone communication to apologize, then, in the messy work, how can the successful completion of the boss of the KPI? How can I integrate the countless dots in my mind into a composition? Deep to say, in the face of a product, how to find out from the helpless predicament, find the best way of operation, the most rapid competition for the market, obtain bulk users, complete from 0 to 1 accumulation? And at different stages of the product, to correctly control the pace of operation, and help products win every step

operation is a seemingly technical, but not the technical activity The operation and operation of different operation needs more to think about business objectives, costs and benefits of each project can bring much contribution to the core index, what kind of game can bring incremental business, a difference even requires proper consideration of business essence, core competitiveness and competitive products, so you make the operating strategy can the team be more persuasive in data feedback also have a greater chance of winning is verified. Today, I want to climb hit experience to talk about how to improve their primary operation force from a personal touch, even if it is hard to fight the execution you can grow more quickly for the advanced operation, get more sense of achievement.

1. Learn about your product,

first, you need to know what you operate this product, I think the product is a carrier and manifestation of the business, the enemy can, therefore, you need to think about the following products:

1, requirements scenario

The birth of

products is a requirement to solve the user pain points, such as the morning boring subway, brush with a headset to listen to the news of NetEase, NetEase cloud music song, almost all Internet products can be according to the needs of users to classification, such as:

tool products enhance the service efficiency, entertainment products, enrich the lives of people of social products to meet the social needs, information products provide access to information for people, electricity and OTO products make people’s life more convenient.

so, these needs will appear in what circumstances, product and user will have connections in what scene, before the scene of "operation: an operation treasure" mentioned in the scene, is what kind of demand what the user what place in time. As an operation, you need to pay attention and think clearly about your product requirements scenario

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