operation, what the hell is going on? This weekend about a few friends to chat, we discuss how to do WeChat, most of which are in a confused state, planning topics, design, editing, publishing, and no one to see, and then stick to half a month, and then bitch: "rolling Veau, WeChat".

after six months of research, summed up some of the background data, to give you an analysis of how to effectively use WeChat background data, premeditated, organized to do WeChat operations.


Part 1: user growth source analysis

can clearly see from the above figure that the growth of WeChat users mainly comes from "search for public numbers" and others, and we first understand the specific meaning of these indicators.

(1): the name of WeChat search public number refers to get attention by the name WeChat search public number, search for "the name and network", in the search, has been ranked in the first place, when external promotion, users can easily search through to find you. So taking a simple, associative name is easier for users to remember, and certification is easier to get user attention than non certification.

(2) other: most of the fans account source, are "other" class most, many people do not understand what other is, generally include 3 channels,

1, blue banner under caption caption.


blue links under caption

2, WeChat public number two-dimensional code: WeChat can be long by identifying two-dimensional code, greatly contributed to the source of this channel users, but unfortunately, only WeChat can do it.

3, wide point system promotion: pay a promotion, it is said that the current cost of adding flour about 1.2, higher than the cost of activities.

(3) searches for micro signals, so the micro signals are simple enough for users to remember and easy to search when externally promoted. The general search WeChat ID is not very high proportion, probably about 8%, this is a very strange data, most of the time is left to do the promotion of micro signal, but when the user sources more through public number name search, we can see that in fact the user information for the promotion of information website or the community to see the more companies choose public number rather than name search micro signal search.

(4) text message on the upper right corner of the menu, the attention button hidden deep, a lot of people do not know when they read the article in the upper right corner of the button to hide so many functions, but also need to go through 2 steps to introduce page numbers to the public, the cheating is the button is not at all reading situation will appear, so the background through this concern is almost zero, also do not know which users are accustomed to this operation.

(5) business card sharing, straight >

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