there is a problem is a lot of Amoy webmaster confused, "I stand is the basic link of Taobao, a lot of people for the first time in my station, then go directly to Taobao, today I especially about how to keep users some of my feelings, I hope I can share all of you.

When Taobao

passenger has not come out, I have contacted CPS, occasionally when the income is not bad, then remember to do is CPS ads (for a concept, CPS is COST PER SALE is for each sales fee, and Taobao customers are the same, if compared and at present the, market share is too small, but the market is still relatively large,, when I do the website is a financial website, I know that if I put books as advertising on the site, some of the good advertising effect is not certain well, the reason is very simple, it is just a advertisement, the user does not need to remember you. Then I thought of a way in featured some hot financial books, then the site opened up a channel called "excellent financial bookstore", and then put these books advertising organization together to form a small bookstore, in fact we don’t want to go the user is smart. In fact, the user is really not very clever, I left QQ, a lot of people and I have asked QQ the goods, I also help many users purchasing books, was CPS, about 500 yuan a month is still relatively easy, it is the way to follow their own the website into a financial bookstore. Later, the financial Bookstore slowly traffic, and even a lot of financial users very much like the purchase of books.

from the above story, my all of a heap of advertising, as can be imagined, you need to organize into a website, and the users of your website advertising lost, you feel like you need how much effort? How much is your brain? So now complaining about the "users, second went directly to the Students should calm down to think about what their own website provides


traditional websites do Taobao guest ad

I said, the traditional site itself has certain traffic and content, such as my previous financial website, if you do Taobao advertising, "the Taobao customer in the advertising effect, really will not do, no effect also occupied advertising. It is better to think about how to organize these ads, as my financial website, I would consider a "financial bookstore", and later the Taobao customer, I put some commission good stock software organizations in the download channel, especially the creation of a free software download, then download link to Taobao customers. Although this financial website, I have not taken care of for more than a year, the daily flow is very small, but until now, there will be a stock brokerage software.


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