activity, the soul of local web growth.

with the development of Internet, Internet users are increasing gradually, demand is diversified, the number of Internet users increase to our webmaster friends brought a lot of opportunities to make money, especially the local forum low threshold by many webmaster friends of all ages, we like Yongzhou too, filled with a variety of local, local site. Yongzhou forum, Yongzhou new network, Yongzhou city network, Yongzhou life network and so on, the analysis of the local nearly 100 sites, summed up, many and not strong. Most of them are personal operators, and they are not full-time. As the latest addition, how to make my website grow rapidly has become one of the most important subjects. Today, how do I manage my local gateway to talk about personal experience?.

I’ve done so much for half a year, and only mention what I think is the most important, domain name, space, cooperation, operation,

1, domain name: really spent the mind, spent painstaking effort, the domain name serves as the business card of the website, it is to let all Internet users can remember easily. Want to do bigger, stronger, but also need to make an article on the domain name, the original plan would like to use a creative domain name. Suddenly I learned that there was a friend here. Bought our domain code for 0746 bits of chaff, and prepared to be a local web site in Yongzhou. Let the pressure rise a little. In order not to lose in the starting line, only the high price acquisition of Yongzhou Pinyin domain name Indeed to the late promotion has brought great convenience. Help you remember, the embodiment of strength.

2, space: for the vast majority of individual owners, the beginning of the site, may be more use of virtual space, the beginning of positioning the company operation, it is necessary to put their own server. Domestic filing is a problem, and hosting it in Hongkong or overseas is a good choice. The picture is partly in China, and the data is placed abroad, enabling independent picture domain names, which are important for our future development. Of course, the record should be done, reasonable and lawful to do the station.

3, cooperation: who to cooperate with, who can cooperate?. Most people would find out businesses, say that it is true, you may not have noticed the need for cooperation is our side of the media, paper media, namely newspaper, radio, television, the small city has the small city benefits, only need to find the key, it is easy to start cooperation. I also worked outside for many years, the middle home, contacts certainly not, but I believe that it is easy to find the local radio station, the key people of the TV station. Find out how to talk, that is, you need to deal with yourself, who first who, after is also very important.

I started on the radio. From the beginning of cooperation, my website is open during the Spring Festival, and the first cooperation is from 2.14 Valentine’s day. I found the radio station, asked to work with them, broadcast on their radio, and when and where to get a free rose. The first cooperation is good.

looking for businesses, with programs for Valentine’s day to go >

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