we all know that a website to do it later, if no one knows, not equal to Liangshan on his visit that Wu Yong (useless). Especially new sites, we can only rely on search engines to improve my popularity as the saying goes, flow, but search engines are not satisfactory, the old does not include their site, or included very little. Small webmaster every day in site, and every day to watch a few times. Do not see, do not know, the more sad to see, almost no how to move, I do global network of accessories, is a good case, I also think a lot of ways, it does not work.

to webmaster nets, see your heroes experience and some experience, they also try to do:

1. insists on adding data every day, updating data around 100 each day;

2. continue to write to increase friendship links, and some even others do not link their own plus (mainly want to increase their traffic through other keywords)

3. himself began to write soft Wen, promotion promotion their website, http://s.texlogo.com. To be honest, my writing skills have been poor, but every time I write about my own experiences and troubles, they say that real and real things are often accepted by people.

4. removes the title and text of the website. Now the site has only the name of the site, the global network of accessories, and nothing else,

has been holding on for more than a month, Baidu, Google has the original more than 1000 and more than 100, respectively, up to more than 3000 and more than 1000 now, and the daily visits also have dozens of original IP, increasing to the more than 100 IP now.

I think we just have to use our usual mind to take care of everyday things and do every little thing well. I’m sure it will get better.

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