since the school since graduation, dream yourself some pretty good station, get it, get good luck, graduation = unemployment, career as well as his pocket is flat, but ~ a job of work, I am not a lazy man, young and tender benefits, what are the positive nothing to do, also volunteered to design department halfway rounded company, a company’s website, the name of New Oriental school computer name, enough to scare people, no wonder at that time very cordial, the network before and after several groups of people to engage in nearly 1 years, the indicators are in line with the customer is the boss (. What will he say) index, declared after the completion of self feeling like the company’s website, and unlike the portal, unlike the 4, but fortunately, the keyword can also be done haha "computer school" of Baidu and GO OGLE is the first, so many are the preface, and now the topic.


boss called us this blank, ready to enter the talent network field robbers qiangliang cavity site ~ ~, the elder brother (the boss) for planning, the pain of our friends a few days can not play normal work, conscience, the idea of the boss is very good, slightly below said, I hope to help you:

first statement, the following is the boss to the operation of the network of talent, as for the site, it is not technically many, withdrawal, senior expert, this is right.

1, online promotion, start the company’s clerks also participate in, in the major forums, paste bar, blog, and mailbox and other ways to promote. There are activities on the website, of course, advertising publicity must be very classic, such as enterprise membership registration, a gift, individual members registered free, help to send resumes, etc., network promotion I participate in less, so no more said.

2, offline promotion, offline promotion is knowledge, there is no good interpersonal relationship and a wide circle of communication, it is not easy to do yet.

a, "we must first stage talent network is the younger brother, so that to help others to do free advertising, Links, websites such as a certain amount, then, because we do the training, so we will first start from the training industry, help their recruitment agency, in fact there There is much fineness in it the lack of training industry, but do not recruit teachers, admissions personnel. As long as you have the resources in hand, it’s not difficult to pull them down.

B, now the real estate industry is very difficult to recruit people, so many real estate companies spend each year in the recruitment of money a lot, if you’re smart and they can talk, directed to provide them with talent, this condition will go to ponder their own strategy ma.

C, no matter what city you are in, the word "HR manager Salon" is not unfamiliar. It is called "the organizer of thinking, finding the activity". You give a title, which will definitely have an advantage in your website propaganda later.

D, a mobile phone recruitment, I talk about this is that we can and a newspaper media cooperation package under the full page ads, designed to help.

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