China’s first e-commerce credit system is expected to surface during the year. On Friday, Alipay vice president Qiu Changheng told reporters, in order to accelerate the construction of network integrity, Alipay plans a number of joint bank partners, establishing the system of platform integrity. It is reported that this system will fully cover small businesses and individual users. E-commerce expert Alamu J believes that the integrity of the e-commerce system is expected to promote the further development of online shopping consumption.

integrity of the system covers the individual user

Qiu Changheng said that the integrity of the system complete e-commerce to improve the consumption environment benign, not only including the merchants, buyers should also include, we hope this year in the data on the basis of existing launch for the buyer’s credit system. In this way, including businesses and individual users of the integrity of the integrity of e-commerce system formed.

previously, Alipay has launched the Internet trust plan for its business cooperation. The plan includes a comprehensive evaluation of the credit rating of more than a dozen kinds of indicators, and through the design of a certain model of all the relevant information on the real estate business to calculate the trust. Alipay is also committed fraud in the trust business shopping, Alipay will be full compensation.

it is reported that, in order to promote the development of the credit environment, Alipay in the future may be given a high degree of credit users enjoy a higher discount, higher payment limit, and violators will face credit limit or termination of Alipay services, even directly affect its cannot enjoy many banking services and so on.

consumer credit environment to promote the development of online shopping

Alamu J, deputy director of the

Chinese Electronic Commerce Association policy and Law Committee believes that the online shopping market, Alipay and three party payment in a short period of 5 years to develop so fast, not the infrastructure to pull together, not issuing coupons to pull over, but to solve the problem of consumer protection, was developed. Therefore, stimulating domestic demand should also support the development of such as Alipay can we enhance consumer confidence, improve the consumer protection system.

foreign trade university professor Chen Jin said, online payment and credit system to Alipay as the core has formed an independent integrity small environment, both in the context of the integrity of all pay great attention. The integrity of the business can enhance consumer confidence, and high credit consumers enjoy more discounts can also lead to more spending power of the people to increase consumption, a virtuous cycle which will contribute to the formation of the consumption environment.

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