September 10, 2013 is our twenty-ninth teacher’s day, that is to say, it has been 29 years since 1985. It is teachers’ day once a year. Recently the Internet was very hot topic is the thirtieth teachers’ day in the day, saying the government in order to inherit the traditional culture, decided to change the date of our teacher’s education founder Confucius’s birthday; there are people against people in favor of the people; some people think that even the teachers’ day itself can be canceled, because now the teacher’s day has become a festival of fame trading. Well, although I personally like to be interested in these so-called news, I also pay close attention to it, because I think these can help me to think about it, but I believe that my friends who read this article may not like to see these.

Today we see the

Photo Book Making Forum and the mall, found that regardless of flow or volume these days are higher than usual a lot, and the topic of concern and many of today’s teachers’ Day related, at which member posts are mostly related to teachers’ day today. And the author as a very sensitive to these data, and certainly will not give up, so combined with internet information simple analysis of some. Through simple and rapid analysis of time, I come to some conclusions that may not be too comprehensive and accurate.

first, as long as it is discussed by the festival, before and after the festival, the gift search heat on the festival must be the top, so online shopping gift is also the future trend. On the Baidu index data, the "gift" this master keyword heat is less than 1000, and "teacher’s day to send what a good gift", the keyword search heat soared to 40000+. And through the trend analysis that: from the beginning of August the word to search heat, before the month simply are not included in the index; on the day after a few days ago reached the highest value; and today compared to last year over the same period the previous year searches a lot more, but the trend is rising year by year. As the search for this holiday gift heats up, it can also show, to some extent, that gift related Internet attention is on the rise, so online gift trading will become a new trend in the future.


second, personalized gifts are becoming more and more popular. From these days, our own website visitors to see, personalized products as a holiday gift is an inevitable trend, because our website is focused on personalized print exchange and purchase of a platform. In the past few days, most of the visiting users have come for themselves to give themselves a gift from their teachers. Furthermore, we can learn from Baidu’s data that user attention for creative gifts and personalized gifts is soaring wildly. So after the gift market is likely to gradually be personalized gift to occupy, so we both do homegrown gifts website is still focused on the distribution of gifts site should be aware of this, ready to meet the market transformation. Instead of keeping up with what was already on the shelf, because…

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