I never write today, try it! Write very rotten, water! It is very boring! From 20 pm to 1 at the beginning of my website www.truene.com (universal learning community) has been attacked, still did not stop there, give me a call room N, host supplier told me. Please put the domain name to other places to eat, don’t say, I have 700M attack site traffic, I do not know how much the 700M attack, said to thousands of chickens, if you want to spend money, I want to attack every day thousands of pieces, honor ah, do not know who attack me. The station also didn’t tube, nothing has been attacked, not to offend people ah, do not know is not to say that the Olympic anti Tibet, support posts, anti CNN, Carrefour and other poor people who do have such attacks, if so, if the attack is Chinese then, he will be able to get it in.

No. 21, afternoon. Leave home, a prosperous said my website was attacked, resulting in the entire server can not be used, their processing, the fastest 6 pm deal, the late morning of the second day OK~~ no good afternoon. Has not been good, I did not manage so much, although the station does not have much significance to me, but after all is my station, still needs to continue to do,


No. 22, the second day at noon to the Internet cafe near the school, about 1 well, just send 2 post cards up, OK~~ continued to attack, this change is a new server, said in the high zone, my virtual host is www.sudu8.com’s speed, they say that there are thousands of M hard, I also do not understand, do not know how to prevent! Not so much, the school will go home! The Internet website or open, or in the estimated attack! And then go to a classmate play it, lying in the rest, suddenly received a phone call, and room call! Said my website under attack, causing the entire server or not. Say what attack way, anyway, I also don’t understand, tell me N many, N multiple attack way, make me a station, which contains DDOS slightly. Say they can’t handle it at all. There is no computer room willing to deal with 700M attack. Ha ha, say how many chickens, how much money to attack my things! Let me first parse to other places, I resolved to a small station, but they do not have any impact, I do not understand, it is resolved back!


No. 23, which is just, and receive their phone, I haven’t said domain name analytic go? I just said solution back, he said that the server is not good, also told me Shidao just because my station was attacked, the entire room paralyzed for 2 hours, the loss of a 90 thousand order free! So, the cow? Against me, only 700M thousands of chicken, yesterday asked a friend, said thousands of chickens attack badly? He said they could make people are tens of thousands, mimihuhu I also do not understand, how much! Said the last letter or telephone Telecom IP to solve the Speechless!! do not know who is so boring, boring! >

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