a friend, in a large software enterprise for ten years of software research and development, want to start business, ask me to pay attention to what?. I joked that if you want to be successful, must learn the Internet business of the canon, the first of which is "brandished a knife from the palace".

big software company has many resources, research and development capability is good, various promotional resources are also very superior, but few developed excellent Internet products. Preliminary look, for many reasons, such as it is difficult to mobilize personal enthusiasm, internal management coordination is very difficult. I think another important reason is that the method is not appropriate. Large companies, many resources, an Internet innovation project, invested a lot of resources, the company expects high value, the more natural considerations, but it is not easy to do well.

from the company out of business, we must first "brandished a knife from the palace", killing the big company this practice, control the cost of spending less money, one or two issues of focus and resources to solve the core is enough.

don’t think too much, don’t plan too long, especially the plan can’t be too complicated. What you need to succeed is the ability to discover opportunities and quick break, plus a little luck. Big companies have too much work experience, but sometimes they will limit their own practices. Internet business, the more simple, the more simple, the more successful!


1. focus: to solve the urgent needs of users, solve the problem, in a word you can say clearly.

(1) a clear and user demanding product, it is easy to find a clear user base. In this way, after the product is developed, it is not easy to go astray. (2) the user needs must be universal, which determines the future market prospects of this product. (3) fewer problems solved, faster development, and easy control of initial R & D costs and risks. (4) to solve the problem of clear products, easy to say clearly to the user, promotion will be relatively simple.

2. extreme: at this point in order to achieve all the same type of products, the best, to do the best to win.

(1) extreme is the core of Internet products, as long as the ultimate can exceed the user’s reputation, the formation of mouth effect, brings great convenience to the promotion of the late. (2) concentration can achieve the acme, accomplish acme, can defeat competitor.

3. fast: the development cycle must be controlled in three to six months, must be fast.

(1) Internet era, user demand changes faster, and competition is more intense. Rapid development, easy to adapt to the rhythm of the entire market, and cost savings. (2) if the user finds problems during the trial process, the reaction speed should be improved as soon as possible and updated as soon as possible. In the beginning, I think it should be maintained at one or two weeks’ update speed.

4. word of mouth: early marketing, insist on spending less, or even spend money, you can see the true attractiveness of the product to the user.

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