Hello, all day in the various sites in the forum to turn around, read some articles, and I also want to write about their experience, so that more people who are prepared to do the station to look at, first of all, I rookie. Up to now, I haven’t earned any money, so don’t laugh at me.

Speaking of

station, I had more than a year in an Internet company, mainly to do business, the company received the website is by the technician, technician here, not what the basic ASP.PHP program, to the customer to do the site is static, as long as the others can be grilled about now, it should be not what technical content, this is, when he is old envy these people do technology, then, slowly, he used his business manager of his position, literally forcing these techniques to tell me, what is the forum, what is FTP, how to use the FTP. That’s when he began, in a little bit of contact with the site, but it is not what you have done, is to do a simple forum, the people of the ready-made procedures to pass up, change the line, then his sense of Feel old arrogant, and later his work changes, so the forum will be nothing,

then, after more than half a year, he came to a network of software engineering company, has been in sales, do things are forgotten, have a friend before starting my own company, and later his company yellow, he had to stay at home every day, really not what he meant, start wondering how to do at home, tell the truth, he also do not understand what, he later found a thief movie station program, hang up is a movie website, really, when I feel very cow, after all their non professionals can also make their own website, echocardiography, spent 100 yuan of money to get a space, also make a program, make a movie station, with a simple Notepad program to change, change their own station, I thought, do these stations were also quite original online Easy, but the station is not what traffic, then, from the Internet to see that now do dumpster is to make money, so I want to try and find the program, find a lot of procedures, finally found a small program, but also good, a network of lines, the when you understand something, what flow, SEO, can only be said to know, but not very understand, just think of this online website, network lines, should do well. But ignored, and the overall flow of the word is too small, because I do not understand, friends say txvv.com (do not read it. Not AD)

The domain name

feel good, your application down, the manual update of the article, several months of Baidu are confiscated, just know later, the name was sealed, done before * * color, Baidu does not receive the light by GOOGLE that hundreds of IP is of no use to. Give up, so advise you stop the new application domain name before, we have to take a look at. Otherwise, it’s too late to regret,.


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