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and colleagues talk about the development of the forum today, I mentioned here refers to the set threshold for membership threshold, such as registration, membership privileges, and some other requirements. This problem has a long history, but few people get on the table to discuss, after all, the situation of each site is different, the threshold setting is different. A website threshold setting is the impact site development one of many factors, the threshold is set low, after accumulating a certain website popularity will encounter posting machine, there will be some low quality member trouble, serious will affect a large number of members of the loss; the threshold is set too high, and some people will be shut out. Will also affect the development of the website.

below, according to several aspects of the site threshold set forth my view:

first, a registered, there are two common practices in this area, this is the first open registration, needless to say, most of the sites used in this way; second, there are now many have been invited to register, to a certain extent, and has created an atmosphere of the website forum to use more other people if you want to come in we will go through its members by invitation, invite registered websites generally appear in the professional field, such as webmaster class Chinaz, class where Fei, tornado and so on, these forum invitation code are a lot of people dream, the benefits of doing so is the quality of the pursuit of the forum, if anyone can register what is the big woods, the people, but also saves a part of resource.

second, permissions settings, mainly reflected in the BBS post, replies, for new members of the post limit, reply restrictions, and there is reading authority. Most of the site’s practice for this relatively loose restrictions, registration can post, can reply, without any permission for reading, just for some small places to set the permissions, such as signature, avatar. To set permissions to read the website, I want to say is, unless the content of the web site you are original, or can not find elsewhere content, or try not to set membership must be registered before you can download to see. Generally, I’m close to registering for this kind of website. And even if you sign up, it only provides you with a IP. Those who are read-only will not register and intend to participate in the discussion. Even if you set up an invitation to register, you will find a way to register.

and some specialty areas of the site of the two do some restrictions, and strict with the laggards, out of new members can only be published in the new theme bar, to meet certain requirements before they can enter the other pages behind, this is actually a post reply, for a very good the combination of registration and permission settings, let you, but you don’t have to interfere with some quality layout, see you after passing, I let you into the other pages, we can now see that behind the popularity is good, but its content is not well controlled, a lot of junk information in the forum, a lot of people are mixed in the inside of selling space, "

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