WeChat announced a number of public reading, on the lower left corner of the figure and praise became countless number of public operators and media people from the "shackles", some people will be as a public number of advantages and disadvantages, some enterprises will be listed as KPI staff appraisal standards. For a while, the industry launched a heated debate about the number of readings. Some say WeChat has helped Taobao brush the grey industry chain, while others say it is time for the media to bid farewell to the "false data bubble". Looking back, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

more and more people from the media or the public operations organizations are faced with such a problem, what to do when reading more than 100 thousand +? On one hand from the media content output faces continued pressure, facing difficulties and value realization, on the other hand. How should the 10w+ standing at the crossroads choose



one, what kind of article can reach 100 thousand +


has been summed up a few experience 100 thousand + read: the title should have spread widely; analysis of user needs; the content of crude directly into the style; don’t poker-faced; should have an abstract and illustrated; typesetting appearance, but in my opinion, 100 thousand + article is not the naked title of the party, not empty the words are not read the stack, the excitement of success and Jack but; analysis, insight, insightful insight into temperature.

today, in addition to the number of reading that has a huge user base of media and traditional media do not have to worry about the 100 thousand +, the number of public reading most of the wandering in the several levels:

tier 1: 5000 or less;

second classes: 5000 – 10000;

third classes: 10000 – 50000;

fourth classes: 50000 – 100000;

fifth tier: 100000+

, and the vast majority of individuals from the media in the second or third classes. I believe that the rumor and the content with strong emotions in the spread of the fastest, easy to reach 100 thousand +. The emotions conveyed by this emotion are awe, laughter, amusement, pleasure, sympathy, anger, surprise, sadness, etc..

content is king, in the mobile marketing era will never be out of date, but do not forget the role of channels. Namely: large V forwarding. The follow up of big V will lead to the fission effect of communication. Back to the beginning of the discussion, why would the user forward the article?. The New York Times conducted a survey of 2500 readers and analyzed their motivations for forwarding, and concluded that

1 share valuable or entertaining content to others;

2, positioning and displaying self images (by sharing, forwarding, and telling others what type of person they are) >

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