is now a lot of friends to do weight loss, weight loss website how to increase income. I combine some of my experience, to do some analysis for you!


is currently in operation a weight class site navigation station, so make some more weight so webmaster webmaster, there are full-time part-time in the operation of weight loss website, the income level is different.

from the input, the majority of weight loss sites are 0 cost inputs, in addition to the domain name, space costs, the rest almost only human input, and then no economic input.

of course, from the output point of view, most also almost 0 output, in addition to the union point of advertising costs, there is no economic income. (on average, the monthly income is between $10-3000. It looks a bit small, and that’s the case)

so, what’s the survival situation for a very small number of cost paying, well productive weight loss stations,


the owners of these most real economy to rely on, is to lose weight product sales, sales network is a kind of means, the average monthly investment these friends in 100-10000 yuan (span is large), the income between 5000-50000 yuan.

in contrast, why the span is so large, which depends on the rise of the house economy and the effect of advertising.

1, the home economy is hot, leading e-commerce explosive growth, small car to real estate, odds and ends of sewing, are gradually into the electronic commerce track, weight loss is no exception, so the sales of slimming products and slimming advertising has a market own. Ma Yun once said that in twenty-first Century, either e-commerce, or no business can be, so that the future prospects of e-commerce.

2, the majority of sales of weight loss advertising sites, mainly to introduce weight reduction methods and other articles based, hanging some content ads, access to click income. In fact, from the advertising theory, the cost per input point of advertising, the output is probably between 10-100 points, so the sales of products must be greater than the sales of advertising revenue.

can see that sales of weight loss products have more room for income than sales of weight loss advertisements. I hope you will be able to broaden your horizons and get more income.

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