home page and content page is the enterprise website construction face, its importance is self-evident! In addition to the website design is exquisite, the best on the first page of the website of the nature and content of a brief description, people at a glance. In the enterprise website design, it is best to keep clean and refreshing principle, if need not, try not to put big picture file or add improper procedures. Although the homepage is important, but "content is always the first", please remember one thing: any content, including words, pictures, images, sounds, must be related to the information that the website will provide to people. The content of the classification is also very important, no matter what kind of classification methods, let shopper can easily find the target. In addition, you should add a brief description of the contents of the options section next to the next line of each classification option.

2, an important feature of interactive Internet is interaction. Good home must have a good relationship with the shopper, let a person feel his every step really get an appropriate response. If necessary, add a E-mail mailbox for comments to increase interactivity. If you want someone to search your site, don’t forget to add a keyword string to the title command.

3, user supreme, no matter when, must keep in mind: user first. What’s the point of the site without users? Let alone any visits.

4, users must consider the browsing mode of browser software, if you want to let everyone see no obstacles to your site, so don’t use only part of browser support HTML format procedures or skills. If you want to show your skills and don’t want to give up some of the potential audience, can consider several different viewing mode options on the home page, for the shopper to choose.

5, often updated, do not forget, everyone wants to see new things, no one is interested in outdated information, so the information must pay attention to immediacy. To regularly add new content to the page design, do a little renovation, always keep fresh, this is a very important point, is also a manifestation of search engine friendly, is conducive to the design of SEO. Germany and Italy blog is often to do so.

6, proper publicity, this must be known to everyone. Just think, who will find you this vast sea boat, so much is the best way to promote their. Use a variety of skills to do a lot of publicity, I believe that more users will find you.

7, less advertising, some Adsense eager to profit, and therefore put a lot of advertising on the site. Too much advertising has brought greater benefits, but the negative impact on the site can not be ignored. Too many ads will make your website style no longer clean and refreshing, and it will also slow down the download speed of your website. More visitors will feel that your website business atmosphere is super strong, and next time to your site, it is almost impossible.

8, full bandwidth >

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