does so by people alive? We webmaster hard ah ~ fated….. New station is really not recognized,


it is hard to say, today you are small, no one can see you, a month from planning to build a new, not what experience, we should scold scold, I was scolded more, when the curse does not exist, especially in the dirty, of course I will see you after all your comments. Will the wrong..

is the area portal, this area at present no special BBS, want to try hard, the siting and planning. It is very fast, but it is very difficult to perform, might live in an ideal world, I hate that! ~, I am a real person, not can only accept.


6 school of Higher Education Park, Baidu Post Bar a circle, the word of mouth test, speaking also very sincere, 5 minutes later a few IP, 7 minutes later, 80% posts have been deleted, I am very satisfied, do not know why, I send the advertisement ma? May be, the content is very healthy. The forum is completely for the new service, I was wrong, I still think that the administrator, Haohen, the fickleness of the world?


that’s the way it is. I’m here today to write articles, very clear, waiting for Baidu spiders to come… It’s been 3 days and can’t wait. It will take 2 weeks before and a garbage collection… I don’t know now. Try it… Wish ADMIN5 luck,


is still a small range of publicity, are online publicity, if you talk about SEO, I am sure, I have to do a small standard SEO, that is, we often talk about those, here will not say more… GOOGLE has been included and it took only 10 hours, and discuz’s BBS followed the link, so it was quick… ~


I don’t know how to engage in the station area, but my location is already BBS, I don’t want to be too portal, the establishment of the so-called excellence, is to serve the people, service our Higher Education Park students, but now the situation is very bad. I


young people, no experience, always suffer, I do not blame anyone, can only blame themselves did not do it ~ so have to work hard.


on the server side I can rest assured that my friend free server I give my special, one that is my partner.! in the social propaganda, mainly on the Internet, I think the new computer without Internet, the total can see to the Internet. But this step ~! No step out! ~ have cooperation news over people over there… ~


6 schools, Baidu post bar, on the 6 schools have Baidu stick, I remember, very crazy! ~ ~ ~ do not complacent, you have to market, I must rob… ..

used to see such a friend in the ALIBABA community

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