in recent days, see many bloggers left, when they chat in the crowd and said: now do blog often have to worry about being Baidu drop right, included reducing, down the right site and so on, a little mistake, will be punished, this seems to be a very cruel thing here; at that time, in my mind, I can think of their own blog to stick to it, after all, do not have the correct SEO optimization method, it is still very hard, at the same time, I have been to the bloggers in encouragement, tell them when I have to write a blog into a simple thing and as our notebook and not regard him as a tool to make money, I think the webmaster can go forward.

now, while this time, my reason, webmasters and bloggers themselves cannot persist for some sort of hope that through some shared Kim hung below the main support can resonate with everyone; also let the webmaster friends to know now we go on the road.

one, lack of executive power:

for a novice webmaster, just beginning to do a website, you can believe that the enthusiasm will go on this way, including my own, in some forum and portal and hear the course, hear the most is that we in the Internet industry must have a certain execution. When I first heard this word, I still feel confused, what is the executive power, how to realize the strength of executive power, the influence of executive power on Internet practitioners, etc.. With this series of questions, I asked some veteran Internet practitioners to illustrate the problem through examples of Baidu algorithm updates. From last year’s 6.28 Baidu large area K station, Scindapsus update algorithm, pomegranate algorithm and middle small algorithm, let many webmaster they show the state at a loss; more is the lack of a strong executive power, there is a webmaster blog site was K, and he immediately changed the name of the new domain, re buy a.Net. Just a few months, the site achieved rankings, Baidu seconds included. Therefore, the implementation is very important, but also we must do the first important ability to do the website.

two, it’s hard to do the station:

on the group of new add friends, for SEO know nothing about, the site appears a problem, will ask me in the group, or give me a message, some problems are very complex, not one or two words can say clearly. After that, I will tell them through blogging, said: "you go to my blog to see the article will understand, if you do not understand what separate private chat me; because of the many problems, plus personal energy is limited, I will tell them not to worry, soon there will be a blog related articles to solve your problems, then you go to my blog and review related articles on the line. Including me personally, I also know the questions from friends in the group. When will I tell them the relevant solutions through Bowen?. Here, Jin Hongshun also feels like writing several original articles every day

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