I was in 1997 started to contact the computer, in 1999 90s began to contact the Internet, buy a computer to tens of thousands, then make a station Wuqianbaqian, or even tens of thousands, because when the station will do less, just on a network can be just a few stations, and the site quality is very low. Right now, as the Internet enters the WEB2.0 era, the quality of the site is growing, and the emergence of DIG, the blogosphere, blogs and forums has made the site diverse and more people joining the web site.

"things are scarce," you can imagine, this line is so big, more and more people to join, so that this competition has become very fierce.

I have done a lot of standing in my life, of course, I also have to do to others, but their own stand, so that eventually did not adhere to. In 2003 registered a www.51028.com school, then apply a five digit number is a bit difficult, because you have no important domain, it was the site of the visit, the amount is too low, there is no interest, the domain name will not renew, later to be a foreigner to register.

then I did classified information, portals, education, health care and other industry sites, there is not much revenue.

these years, and have very tired, but very happy, so many years, although not what the site, although the pocket didn’t get one million, but the network in the ocean have learned a lot of things, but also made a group of heads high webmaster. In my most difficult time, they gave me strength.

until today, I finally understand, do things to persist, and then difficult to adhere to. Persist in the end, will realize the infinite fun brought by the network.

webmaster, tired and happy

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