currently operates and Witkey website popularity than the pig, as a veteran of the Witkey website is due to the pressure of market competition, also hope that they can walk in the forefront of the times, in the positioning of the site after several revision that is becoming increasingly blurred, don’t know Witkey website is a social networking site or a task type release site, let a lot of Witkey loss, is now more critical to have difficult to leave a contact method in the Witkey website, this one from the side also reflects the current Witkey website operating difficulties, the pig and so, other Witkey website naturally is in dire straits.

Witkey profit model to be discussed

on the development of Witkey website suffered difficulties, and may start Witkey website attaches great importance to the principle of intermediary fees are not unrelated, from pig Commission proportion, basically accounted for more than 80% of the revenue of the pig, and these money is earned in Witkey body, basically a lot of Witkey the price of cabbage in the main responsibility for work, even if the price of cabbage, but also Witkey website Commission 20%, under this background, more and more Witkey hope through offline transactions, bypassing the intermediary Witkey website, after all for the owners concerned is no loss, because the Commission basically is deducted from Witkey the body, so it is the line or line, there are no head loss.

thus, Witkey mode of this kind of commission obviously will greatly damage the enthusiasm of Witkey, although the pig is the construction of the corresponding part-time shop for the majority of Witkey, but these part-time shop income pig also to collect royalties, in this context, for the majority of Witkey attraction will be greatly reduced, so now a lot of Witkey website Witkey has been marginalized, few are willing to give workers the exploitation of Witkey website.

innovative new profit model, it is possible to transition successfully,

actually found the pig seem to be looking for change from the previous version of the pig we can, will release the website to change the task into a comprehensive social network based on Witkey website, but the pig apparently just learned embryonic form of social networking sites, but did not find the specific profit model, is still ongoing to earn royalty money, rather than focus on value-added services, and through the O2O model to promote offline transactions. These simple innovations have also led directly to the fate of the US market.

and now some latecomers began Witkey website layout type value-added profit model, which for those traditional royalty type Witkey website, is clearly a huge threat to the Internet, after all, let some people through the Internet to proficiency in a particular line earn a decent income, but the income is less than half of the commission if Witkey website, and Witkey the website also help employers were lower prices, from nature is Witkey loss, while those in Witkey websites have seen such defects, have been through free agency mode, continue to attract.

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