electricity supplier seems to be a golden mountain, the real success of the gold rush is a small number. Strong demand has spawned a wave of heat electricity supplier mother, only to find the money to follow into the burning even dashuipiao enough. The starting point, marketing, logistics, warehousing, labor, commissions, mode, team mouths watch point, a little careless, all is lost. There are tigers in front and tigers in the middle. How to be invincible, to listen to the dark horse camp 5, a two degree of entrepreneurial heart insights.


/ 100 guests to share the famous fashion fragrant parent-child flash shopping platform founder Gao Wei (high gourd)

guest host / Nanjing copper peas founder Xiong Shiwei

finishing / Zhou Yi towel

problem: first venture special baby maternal mall, second venture severe vertical parent-child fashion products 100 incense flash sales platform, what difference?

: a child is a huge market, since the beginning of 2009 established special baby mother mall has been 5 years, the special baby is a typical traditional maternal electricity supplier, based on independent B2C mall, to buy sales to earn price difference. Babolat parent-child fashion products incense flash purchase sale service platform covering is 0-12 years old baby shoes clothing, toys, each commodity only limited sales for 5 days, which expires next frame, by connecting the brand and user transactions, according to the final effect of the service fee. On the one hand for the brand side of the release of profits, on the other hand allows users to buy the entire network of the most affordable high-quality goods.


now, the traditional electricity supplier (traditional B2C or rely on Tmall, Jingdong and other large platforms businesses) do not live well, behind the gorgeous trading volume is hidden in a large number of stocks, low gross profit, or even huge losses. The platform service charges, commissions, team operating costs, warehousing, promotion costs pushed up year by year allows businesses to make ends meet, but because the flow of the wolf little more meat is being continuously diluted. The traditional enterprises are facing difficulties in transition, not electric shock, death, electric shock, and I do not know how to start. In this environment, we see the opportunity of severe vertical electric, smart marketers have not put the egg in a basket, they need such a platform to 100 fragrant fast and effective way to start the new cooperation.

question two: Recently, the vertical mother and infant electricity supplier industry hot, there are also a number of maternal and electrical providers access to investment, you are on the opportunity with what is the difference between them, find what point to cut in?

answer: maternal and child market regardless of the industry or the capital market are very recognized, the market is large enough, but no leader in, who can come out now. It is still early, the two could eat all the.


Chinese like to follow the trend, the mother and baby market is hot, everyone is

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