hosting service providers, making a perfect enough profit to sales strategy, in order to truly ensure continuous permanent customer service service, cheap price to attract a large number of customers, profits, make ends meet, blind expansion, eventually because of meager profits to maintain a huge customer base of the customer service service, will abandon the cause of germination of customers, run away. Finally go bankrupt. This is the result of cheap, vicious competition. Advice. The low price war, injured is the stationmaster. Do not think today picked up cheap, bought a low price space, it is possible that you will not find after-sales service tomorrow. Abandoned. Ha-ha。

recently frequent network text broke the news that a number of well-known IDC closed down, careful analysis of the reasons, are basically cheap war caused by evil consequences. Many businessmen in order to attract customers for a short time, have played 1G dozens of yuan price, or more than 100 of the price, attracted most customers. Customers are more, but the after-sale problems are also many, and after-sales service is the need to have a strong economic base to maintain, and strong economic foundation comes from sales profits. Margins are too small to sustain long after sales services, and now the country is very strict with illegal information on websites and not filed. No strength of the IDC business is most likely to fall.

webmaster to buy space in the selection, or should the rational analysis is not the reason, too cheap space, do you think it really cheap yet? Normal virtual host price, double the 1G space in 1000 yuan. Tens of yuan will be able to buy. It’s kind of mysterious. Just pick a few representative: host network host 1G host ( price of 1980 yuan / year. Earth space ( host 1G price of 1200 yuan / year, resource ( host 1G price of 1200 yuan / year. The whole host market can provide long service basically at this price.

a lot of an entry-level webmaster can more Admin5 exchange, buy a safe space, do their own websites, grassroots webmaster need to exchange learning, ADMIN5 is a good learning platform.


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