CN domain name spring is still very far away,

– my prediction two years ago in A5: "I can’t see the CN domain name tomorrow,


2 years ago, my article "CN domain name down to find the money I don’t have published in A5" (, then my conclusion is: for these reasons, I can not see the domain name cn tomorrow.

2 years later, I saw: CNNIC and CN domain name again and again to confirm what I said: CN domain name is garbage.

CN domain name is a common Chinese Internet resources, each Chinese have the right to enjoy. Restricting the registration of natural persons is motivated solely by the interests of certain groups of interests.

since I am unable to register CN domain name in China, I can register through the domain name agency abroad, but it is only a few extra coins. From here you can find CNNIC implementation or "obscurantist" policy, there is a serious national discrimination".

as Chinese, CN domain name can not be used, it is defiled "Internet" three words, CN domain name and its management mechanism in every Chinese insult.

2 years ago, I did not use CN domain name, that was my freedom; 2 years later, I was not allowed to use CN domain name, violated my national rights.

2 years ago, I do not use the CN domain name, because it is a waste; 2 years ago, I do not use the CN domain name, is a violation of my shit right.

cn is a domain name interpretation of the scene of the dirty money and power games, victims are those who love the Internet longchaoren.

infinite grief: CN domain spring is still far away.

– second days written in the announcement on Further Strengthening the audit of domain name registration information.

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