search expression, QQ expression search engine developed by the station itself, using a number of technical innovation. Such as the use of 404 error system implementation program, automatically generate static files, HTML automatically updated regularly, using the discuz forum for the background of the CMS article management system (DZ CMS), multi-user image search engine. Among them, the expression search engine is implemented in the form of discuz plug-in, and the background part has a universal picture collector, which is convenient for users who do not know how to collect. Here’s a detailed description of some technical details of this station.

I developed a new DISCUZ HOME system called DZ CMS.

traditional DZ HOME page is very common, although looks like a web site, but can only be used as a forum navigation, click content is still access to the forum page. And DZ as an interactive forum, there is no real realization of the whole station static. His pseudo static can only serve as a SEO tool, but can not play a role in reducing system consumption. (DZ improves the load by caching systems). To solve these problems, the developers of bold innovation, developed a set of solutions to optimize the performance and effect of using DZ as website, realizes the DZ platform. Specific implementation of the following:

1, has two pages. Not a forum post list, but a dedicated two page

2, not all forum posts can be on the home page and column page, only the essence post can be placed on the list (also can be fixed as a fixed theme on the list), played the post audit role.

3 has a dedicated content display page instead of displaying

in the form of a forum postThe

4, the final content display page, is completely re configured, rewritten content reads, pictures, and flash displays UBB processing to make it more appropriate for the site’s needs,

5, the system combined with DZ for ID column and column template corresponding to the forum, and does not require any modifications to the DZ source program, it inherits the security of DZ, all operations were completed in the forum management. All you have to do is set the column right.

6, all the content of the site is static, more in line with the needs of the site. In order to achieve the static generation without changing the DZ source code, we specially developed the 404 intelligent automatic fill and HTML automatic update system, which is described in detail below.

two, break the traditional way of static generation

in traditional CMS, such as Dede, you need to generate static or update static files in the background after the article is published. It’s rather time-consuming. This is because the background is the Dz forum, in order to maintain security, requires no DZ source code to make any changes, therefore unable to set the static update system common, finally developed new solutions to meet the requirements. It has been automatically generated and updated regularly. Make site management non – >

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