for the medical network marketing, but also for the current reality of the hospital, I am here, from the hospital itself began to analyze some of the relevant circumstances to carry out. Now, some things, here I will talk about the current web traffic, we face the domestic mainstream search engine is Baidu, and for Baidu, the fastest than Baidu bidding, bidding for Baidu, I will talk about some of my shallow views, because of my SEM this one, indeed not familiar with. In fact, the Baidu bid, and the company’s direct pay and return a short time the most close, want to get the full return on pay, we must analyze the target user group, only know the user search habits, and it is more important to sift in love users often search words, determine the user in the search for some the word will have a consultation dialogue, and to the hospital. So this piece is directly related. Therefore, in this, we must combine many aspects to carry on a concrete analysis, so as to judge the word which can bring us benefit directly. Then, how to operate the natural search? How about the following? I made some specific analysis.

I’m here from the construction site to introduce, we in the site of cervical disease as an example, firstly, the early site, a preliminary understanding, which is on the cervix understand some relevant knowledge, and then conducted a profound analysis on the competitor analysis here said that is not just a website structure, more important is the layout, including some optimization, sorting system.

then design a detailed case for the hospital itself. In this website, a value that exist in our hospital is to highlight the concept, also is the characteristics of the hospital, not only in the hospital environment, and experts and technical and hospital services, we can package and feature, because it will attract more people to the extent of the eye, in order to achieve an effect of word of mouth marketing. Medical websites are no longer much better than other websites, first of all in the direction of trust.

it is really just friends, the first time I heard you good, or not see you, see you from the outside is also good, the second time I saw you, some of you know, find your worth, after third times to have a full understanding, we have affirmed you. Doing websites is nothing more than that. Therefore, in the user experience this piece, we must be rigorous, and take good care of. This is only a superficial introduction to website construction.

when the construction site, the site officially launched, how should we operate, how to operate, achieve the desired effect? First of all, we in the website online, have not been included, can do some optimization, such as the site of the home page and channel and column page add keywords, title, description, for optimization. Of course, is really a lot of knowledge in the choice of keywords in this regard, we must choose the user search, and the competition is small, but also meet.

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